How to create a link on a blog article

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How to Create Links to Blog Articles

How to Create Links on Blog Articles – On this occasion I will discuss the tutorial How to Create Links, which is also a related article from the category Learn to create a blog in blogger. If you are a blogger, you certainly have to understand how to link to your blog articles, because even though it is a basic tutorial, it is an important category for SEO (search engine optimization).
Before entering the discussion on How to Create a Link on a Blog Article, I will first explain what a link is? someone might ask. A link or in Indonesian called a link is a text or image which when clicked will go to a certain page as determined by the link maker. For example, so that you understand better, please click this link: The First Step How to Create a Blog on Blogspot. After you click the link, you will be directed to a page where the link is directed.
There are many ways to create links, including automatically and manually, this depends on a website that provides it. For example, blogger, on the posting page here there is a way to create links automatically and manually. If we want to create a link manually, then we have to go to the “Edit HTML” page and if we want to create a link automatically then we have to go to the “Compose” page and first we block the words that will be given a link, then enter the link address into the form that has been provided. provided.
The basic HTML example for creating links is as follows:
<a href=”link address”>word you want to link</a>
 Pay attention to the red words “link address” and “words you want to link”, to get a link you can copy from your browser.
Examples in application:
< a href=””>How to post articles on a blog</a>
Then the resulting form of the link above becomes as below:

How To Post Articles On Blog?

To create a link in a blogger article, please pay attention to the explanation below:
1. Please login to blogger, then create a new post.
2. Please fill with the article you want.
3. Mark / block the words you want to link (link).
4. Click the tool to create a link, see the image below:
5. Fill in the address of the destination link you want. Continue by clicking OK.
6. Please publish if you think everything is ready.
7. Please see the results. If everything is correct, these words will become a link.
8. Done,

To Create A Link In The Sidebar, Pay Attention To The Explanation Below:

1. Please login to blogger with your account.
2. Click on the name of your blog.
3. Click the Layout menu
4. Click Add Gadget
5. Click on the HTML/Javascript widget
6. Create the HTML code to create the link that I have described above.
< a href=””>How to post articles on a blog</a>
7. Click the Save button
8. Done.
That’s the tutorial on how to create a link in a blog article, if something is not clear, please ask through the comments column.