How to Choose the Right Blogger Domain and Content

How to Choose the Right Blogger Domain and Content~ Are you looking to buy a domain for your blog site??
Buying players should not be careless lest the domain you buy is difficult to spell until visitors do not come to your site.
how to buy the right domain, let’s look at 10 tips for choosing a domain name.

10 Tips For Choosing A Domain Name

Here are 10 tips for choosing a domain that you can apply:

1. Specify A Name That Is Short And Easy To Remember

Actually, you are free to determine the length and shortness of the domain name, but try not to be too long. as a rule of thumb, don’t make a clean long more than 3 words.
Short domains tend to be easier to read and remember now try to remember back when you first knew of course you can memorize the domain quickly.
Short toman is usually the most targeted so you should immediately secure the name before it is used by others.

2. Use An Easy-to-type Domain

Have you ever typed his friend long. e.g.
Not only is it difficult to remember this domain is also difficult to type. There are several reasons:
1. The name used is too long
2. Use-people don’t necessarily know that your domain is using punctuation.
3. There is a spelling that is not standard i.e. using papie,mamie should use papi,mami.
4. There is no use of numbers on the domain is not prohibited but should be avoided so that people want to access not mistaken between 0 or zero.

3. Use Keywords Whenever Possible

Bloggers want their blog to be found in Google search results even though there are several ways for the blog to appear on the first page of Google. You can also do this by putting important keywords inside the domain.
For example, if you create a blog with night health you can choose the name *** or ***
Do these tips only if possible indeed 63% of blockers who appear on the first page have keywords in their name but you also need to consider other tips.

4. Use Brand Name as Domain

Every business has its own brand with which the product or service will be better recognized and trusted by consumers.
For those who have determined your brand name, you can also use it as a website domain name. cannot use a domain with your brand name

5. Use A Domain That Is Always Relevant

Why do you need a relavant domain name? Because you cannot change the domain name that has been purchased.
Now imagine if you have bought a domain name with a health niche, for example ***, of course the domain is not suitable if you want to change the business niche.
It is possible to buy a new domain according to what you want to an existing site but the domain reputation must start from scratch again, meaning that all the search engine optimization that you have done for the previous domain is in vain.

6. Use Regional Names When Necessary

If your target blog only operates in a certain region, for example New York

7. Use The Appropriate Extension

The letters behind a domain such as ( are called domain extensions. Here’s what they do:
1. is usually used for companies
2. .org Usually used for organizations and institutions
3. .net is usually used for sites related to technology and networking.
For commercial is still the number 1 extension until now, so it is not surprising that getting a domain with extension is quite difficult if the domain you want is similar to that of another site.
If you don’t get a domain with extension, there are still other popular extensions such as plus the price of the three domains is more affordable You can also use a type extension that is no less famous, both personal and company websites can take advantage of this extension. domains with the also have several advantages, one of which is high credibility.

8. Make Sure It Has Not Been Used By Other Parties

All the tips discussed earlier, of course, you should not use domains that have been used by other sites, not only that, you also need to avoid domain names that are similar to those of brands or companies, especially if the item has patented the domain name, you could deal with the law.
if the domain you type has been registered by someone else you will get a notification that the domain is not available.

9. Buy Multiple Domain Extensions At Once

This tip does depend on the budget you have but if possible you should buy several extensions at once for one domain name there are two reasons the first is so that people with bad intentions do not buy your domain with different extensions your blog’s reputation can receive a negative impact if the party uses it for bad things. 
Secondly, optionally you need to buy multiple extensions so that people can still visit your site even if they type in the wrong extension as a redirect record or you can do it as a CPanel or htcaccess file.

10. Immediately The Calculation Is Not Determined

Domain names sell quickly, especially those that use extension, therefore you need to immediately secure the domain.
Choosing a friend has several scales as discussed in this article so what about choosing a niche?
Choosing netflog must be in accordance with the ability if you have the ability to master niche a then do not use niche b that is not mastered.
For example you are a person who understands about musical instruments then you make a blog with a musical instrument niche. This is because you know more about what you are writing about.
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