Tips for Choosing a Seo Blog Template


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Tips for Choosing a Seo Blog Template

One that affects SEO is a blog template, and a good blog template is an SEO friendly template. Maybe you often hear or read articles that contain the word seo friendly template. Actually, how is the template that can be categorized as a seo friendly blog template?. Each blogger certainly has a different answer. But in my opinion, what is said to be a seo friendly blog template is a template that meets seo standards, including having complete and clear heading tag elements and structures, from H1 to H6. Besides that, it has a fast loading blog and a clear navigation menu as well as matching color combinations and others. – How to create a blog.

Tips for Choosing a Blog Template

1. The Suitability Of The Blog Template To The Content

When blogwalking, you may often see blogs that have templates that do not match the themes discussed in the blog. For example, the template used is news-oriented, while the themes discussed in the blog are only tutorials. Obviously this isn’t appropriate, but it’s okay, because it’s your right.

2. Blog Template Color Match

A template that is comfortable for blog visitors to see will have a good impression on the image of your blog or website. For that, choose a template that has the right color (connected) so that it is pleasing to the eye (try to be bright but not tacky). Besides, avoid templates that contain a lot of img (images) because it will affect the loading of the blog.

3. A Blog Template That Meets Seo Elements

In the 3rd point I have explained in the first paragraph, which is having a complete and clear heading tag structure, having easy-to-understand navigation, loading a lightweight and valid blog with html, css, feeds and others.

There are many websites and blogs that provide free blogger template services (of which you can see here) that you can choose according to your wishes. To make it easier for you to check the seo of a template, use the seo tool.

Sorry if the post on tips for choosing an SEO blog template is a little short, but the points above are important points that you must remember before choosing the blog template that you will use. See you on the next blog and seo guide and tutorial. Make sure you always faithfully visit this blog to get the latest articles. So that you don’t miss the article that I will post next, please subscribe via free email and like under the title of this article.