Supporting Tools in SEO


After previously I made an article about Tips for Choosing a Seo Blog Template, this time I will share some supporting tools in SEO. Immediately,

to optimize a website or blog, especially in search engine optimization (SEO), we cannot do it manually, we need several supporting tools that can make it easier for us to optimize SEO effectively.

There are a lot of positive things that we can find if we use SEO support tools which I will share later. Especially if you often participate in seo contests, this seo support tool is a tool that you must use, making it easier for you to optimize the subject of the seo contest.

I need to convey to all of my friends that the seo support tools that I will convey are seo tools that you can use and download for free. Whether it’s add-ons from the mozilla firefox browser or online seo tools. For the mozilla firefox seo add-ons tool, you can see the screenshot as below.

If you are interested and want to use this seo support tool, here is a list of seo support tools that you can take advantage of.

List of SEO Support Tools

1. Firefox add-ons SEO Tool

For those of you who use the mozilla browser, the following add-ons support seo tools that can be downloaded for free.

  • SeoQuake SEO extension

SeoQuake is a firefox add on that is very popular and widely used by SEO webmasters because it has a variety of functions and features that are very complete.

Install Add-ons SeoQuake Google Chrome add-ons SEO tool

If you use the Google Chrome browser, please download the SEO support tool below:

Install Add-ons SeoQuake

  • SEO Doctor

The SEO Doctor tool functions and can analyze various SEO factors on your blog directly and provide a score as an assessment of the SEO factors that you apply to your blog, starting from the assessment of inbound backlinks, Page Rank Flow, Headings and so on. Besides, the seo doctor tool also provides information and solutions about your web or blog that is experiencing problems which are marked with flags in the browser window you are using.

Install Add Ons SEO Doctor

  • SearchStatus

SearchStatus is a Firefox Add-On that has many features that help you in SEO for your web or blog. Some of the features of this Firefox add-on can display Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, SeoMoz Rank, nofollow link highting, check metatags, google index and so on.

Install Add Ons Search Status

  • Page Speed

This page speed add-on is a tool provided to be used for free by Google to analyze the speed of a website or blog and provide solutions on how to increase the loading speed of a web or blog. As we know that the loading speed of a blog or website is very influential on SEO. However, page speed add-ons must be collaborated with Firebug add-ons for maximum results.

  • Install Firebug Add-Ons
  • Install Add-Ons Page Speed
  • Important: For add-ons page speed adjust to the browser you are using, for example you use the Google Chrome browser then download for the Google Chrome, and if you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser then download for the Mozilla Firefox.

    As I have said, there are many more seo tools that we can use, such as online seo tools. You can see the list below:

    2. Online SEO Tool

    There are lots of online seo tools that we can use for free. However, the online seo tool that I will convey below is a recommended online seo tool from me. Here’s a list of online seo tools.

    • iwebtool

    Iwebtool is a website that provides many SEO Tool features that can be used for free, including PageRank Checker, Backlink Checker, Website Speed ​​Test, Link Popularity, Search Engine Position and others.

    Iwebtool (link has been broken)

    • Backlink Watch

    Backlinks are a very important factor in SEO, especially for Google. No matter how good your website or blog is, if you don’t have backlinks from other websites, then the position of your website or blog in some search engines like Google will not have a position on the main page. Backlink Watch is a popular Backlink Checker provider to check our blog’s backlinks including backlinks to other websites that are your competitors or competitors, so you can find out how strong your competitors or competitors are to beat.

    Backlink Watch

    There are many more online seo support tools that you can use for free and you can search for them on google. Maybe this is all I can say, hopefully useful. Make sure that you keep visiting blogs to learn blogs and seo, so that you get updated information about guidelines and how to create a blog as well as SEO tips and other information which of course can add to your insight and knowledge about blogs and seo.