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What is C Class IP~There are many articles that explain how to find, create and check backlinks even though I’ve never read them but I’m sure the contents are not much different from one article to another, which revolves around lists: blogs, bookmarking, forums, article directories and the like. it is added with “frills” dofollow. If that’s what you’re looking for, you won’t find it in this article because I wanted to give you something that might be different because it revolves around C Class IP. ( Note: for those who want to know about SEO software to find backlinks or a list of SEO software and want to know what SEO software is, please read here).
What is C Class IP? And How Does It Affect SEO?
IP (internet protocol) is an address in the form of a number owned by each device connected to the internet network. In matters relating to our current discussion, it is the IP originating from a web server where on the web server there may be backlinks that we have.
Example: if you have 10 domains that are stored in the same web hosting and then you link one domain to another with the aim of creating a backlink then I say it will not make a big impact to raise the position of your website if there is no unification to the IP address used.
I often find this method of making backlinks in “mass advertising” services that sell “link ads” where there are dozens of domains + subdomains sourced from the same IP and IP C Class. After all, even though it turns out that if you use this method your website is now in the top position, I think it’s just a matter of time to be exposed to what is called a backlink devalue as I wrote earlier in the Main Mistakes When Optimizing Website SEO & Doing Business Online.

This is C Class IP

If you see the formula above, you will definitely be confused, so you don’t need to study it much further. And I think knowing what Class C IP is, how to get it and knowing what the benefits are for SEO is enough.
In the context of backlinks, Google determines the value of each IP address (read domain) that receives or provides a link. The results of these determinations can affect the ranking of the blogs that you manage. (C Class IP is included in the 200 signal web ranking system used by Google).
IP is divided into 4 classes, namely:
IP Class A
IP Class B
IP Class C
IP Class D
Examples of IP used on one web hosting provider for example:
If we divide the IP above into 4 IP Classes, it becomes: Class A.Class B.Class C.Class D where the number 9 is what we call Class C IP. Let’s take a good look at the image below:
From the picture above, you can conclude that the 5 domains in the picture above, domain numbers 2 and 5 have the same Class C IP while domain number 4 does not even have the same numbers in the previous 2 IP Classes. Backlinks from domains in order 1, 3, and 4 have more value than domains in order 2 and 5.
Why does Class C IP affect Ranking? the simple answer I can give is that Class C IP has a larger network than the other three IPs and that differentiates authentication between one user and another.
Guide to Finding, Creating Unique Backlinks
After you know what is called Class C IP and what effect it has on SEO, of course now you are asking how to find and create backlinks that are effective, unique and can affect the position of your website, right?????
Things you should know before creating backlinks are:
The quality of the website/blog you want to make a backlink for
Class C IP
Dofollow and Nofollow
Link Diversity
Competitor backlink
And some other things like: engine composition, percentage, Tier 1, 2 or 3
You will find all that information in detail and detail if you have an SEO Book that we sell or take an SEO course that we provide.
How to Check the Uniqueness of Class C IP
There are two ways to check Class C IP, namely manually one by one or in bulk. If you want manual you can use the ping facility on your computer by:
Click Start-> Run then type the domain you want with the writing format: ping www.domain.com
Or for those who want to be more practical, you can use the SEO Tools below:
Class C IP Checker SEO Tools
Determine the list of domains you want to check and then enter each of these domains into the analysis box in the two Class C IP Checkers below:
Bulk Class C IP Address Checker
The image that I have shown above is the result of an examination on this Bulk Class C IP Address Checker and the results can be known. The advantage is that we can check multiple domains at once.

Class C Ip Checker Seo Chat

The features and results generated with Bulk Class C IP Address Checker are basically exactly the same but in this SEO Chat you can still use several other SEO Tools for free as well which in essence functions as data analysis only.
What Are Quality Backlinks Based on Class C IP Only?
No! because Class C IP is only 1 of several items that are included in the backlink criteria which can be called quality backlinks. Some of the other items are:
Content relevance
Link diversity
The quality of the backlink giving website
AC Rank
The content of your backlink
And some more items
Secrets of SEO Masters Creating Quality Backlinks As Easy as Turning the Palm
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