What Are Proxy, Article Spinner, Backlink Indexer and ICR In SEO

What Are Proxy, Article Spinner, Backlink Indexer and ICR In SEO?
For some SEO practitioners who provide SEO services or who are uncertain, they already know what and the functions of Proxy, Article Spinner, Backlink Indexer and ICR (Image Captcha Recognition) but for those of you who don’t know what the three kinds of “equipment” SEO Software are (which maybe often used by Blackhat SEO practitioners”) it’s a good idea to take the time to read this article.
These four kinds of equipment are needed to support the process of optimizing the website from time to time whether it’s to do research or optimize so that the process runs as expected.
In Indonesia itself there are no services that provide or sell it, maybe someday there will also be in Indonesia to make it easier for webmasters who are doing optimization.
Read Articles About SEO Software Before Continue!
Please read some of the articles that I have written previously entitled SEO Software Looking for Backlinks, Download SEO Software or SEO Software Names and Types before you continue reading this post because the contents of this article are related to the three articles.
Proxies, Article Spinners, Backlink Indexers and ICR are just complementary so that the process of using other SEO tools can work optimally and help in optimization.
Are these SEO software tools safe for penguins and pandas?
Once again I say the function of these four kinds of things is as “equipment” 2 of which might cause your website to be hit by pandas or penguins so you have to be careful in its use.

IP Proxy

IP Proxies are typically used for:
IP Proxy is an IP number that we can get by scraping using IP Scrapping Software or using a free IP Proxy provided by hidemyass and the like or we can also get it by buying it.
The function of the IP Proxy is to protect the Real IP that we use so that it is not blocked when scraping, submitting and verifying links. The proxy IP is divided into 2 types, sock and non-sock, both functions will be discussed on another occasion.
Almost all SEO software, starting from software for keyword research, on page optimization and off page optimization, must use a proxy, therefore the presence of a proxy is very important for those of you who often do web optimization using or not using software.
Fungsi IP Proxy, Aricle Spinner, Backlink Indexer dan ICR (Image Captcha Recognition)
Article Spinner
Article Spinner is identical to SPAM, so if you don’t know exactly how to use Article Spinner, you should not use it for optimizing certain “sections”.
The function of the Article Spinner is to recycle existing content by changing some words using the same synonym. For now, most of the Article Spinner software still uses English, while the Article Spinner that supports or can be used for Indonesian is only a spinnerchief and there is 1 provider from Indonesia Tobing spinner but after I tested the results were less than satisfactory but surely one day the Tobing spinner could be better better in the future.

Backlink Indexer

Why have backlinks but not indexed by Google? why use SEO software, buy proxies and article spinners to create backlinks but the backlinks you create are not indexed by Google?
This is where the role of the Backlink Indexer comes in, where the main function of the Backlink Indexer is to speed up the indexing process. In the past the ping, rss ping, rss submission functions were quite effective for optimizing the web but now they are not dominant and although there are still websites that are optimized using the ping technique I think it’s just a matter of time to be eliminated.
Backlink Indexer is in the form of software that is installed on the computer and there is also in the form of online applications such as: pingfarm, www.imtalk.org for the free version and there is also indexification.com, linklicious.com for the paid version.
There are so many online backlink indexer, web pingger and rss pinger applications that you can use, please browse yourself using related keywords.

ICR (Image Captcha Recognition)

The function of this ICR is to help in some optimization processes, especially when making submissions. Without ICR, we will be overwhelmed by entering the captcha code which is usually applied during registration and submission.
There is no free ICR for 3rd party versions such as decaptcher, deathbycaptcha etc. but for PC versions such as captcha snpper, captcha breaker may have a pirate version.
Black Hat and White Hat SEO
The question will arise, who often uses these four types of SEO tools? black hat or white hat SEO practitioners?
It will be interesting for us to know for sure through this article. I say that in this world there is no pure black or white hat SEO, both in Indonesia and outside Indonesia such as US, UK, RU, RO etc. because those who claim to be black or white hat SEO must use it.
Are These Equipments You Must Have?
If you use SEO tools, of course you want or don’t want to have to have these four things, no matter what your profession, whether a regular webmaster or even if you are running an SEO service business.
With this tool, we will get more convenience when doing website optimization, but the most important thing is that you have to respect other people and don’t do things that can harm others in an unhealthy way.
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