Can Cheap Web Hosting Prices Affect SEO

Most webmaster mistakes (website managers) are not paying attention to the quality of the web hosting they use. The average blog administrator or person who manages the site focuses on: getting a cheap web hosting price and then making a website design that’s it! whereas…

Which Web Server Is Good For Search Engine Optimization

As we know there are several types of hosting sales services such as:
1. Shared hosting
2. VPS hosting
3. Dedicated hosting

Functions and Uses of Shared, VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is intended for websites that do not require large sources such as: blogs/websites can also be online stores built using CMS in general (WordPress and Prestashop or other than Magento because Magento requires large web server resources/resources).
Shared hosting if we interpret it easily can mean a computer where the hard disk space in it is partitioned into several parts according to the capacity and setting method. On the hard disk there are tens, hundreds or even thousands of websites that use the same computer resources. Each website gets a very limited number/value source because it must be shared with other webserver users. Shared resources include all components in the computer such as processor, ram, hard disk and so on.

VPS Hosting

VPS (virtual private server) is a level better than shared hosting because if you buy VPS web hosting, you will get resources in the form of memory that are not shared with other web server users. Thus the performance of the website will be more perfect to serve traffic and usage.
However, even though the performance of the web server is getting better, your VPS is still on the same web server (computer) as shared hosting. The conclusion that distinguishes it is only in the use of ram you are allowed to consume ram according to the number of VPS packages purchased. Websites with low to medium traffic or those using plugins that require large resources are recommended to use a VPS.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the same as buying your own computer. When using dedicated means 100% of the website is not mixed with other websites, therefore the purchase price of dedicated hosting is very expensive compared to shared hosting and VPS.
VPS users almost certainly come from large companies that require privacy or require large computer resources such as Kaskus.

Cause and Effect Relationship of Web Hosting and SEO

Paying attention to how Web hosting performs often goes unnoticed even though web hosting is closely related to SEO. The SEO masters (who are really masters, not those who claim to be masters) all over the world are very concerned with web hosting because they always recommend paying attention to the performance of the web hosting that we use because in that web hosting there is our website.

This is SEO Friendly Web Hosting

If you believe there is an SEO friendly CMS, then you have to believe there is also an SEO friendly web hosting. And here are the criteria for SEO friendly web hosting:
Uptime is absolutely 99.9%
Has a large international bandwidth
Explanation of Web Hosting Support SEO


Uptime can be defined as online time/live time. Make sure to buy web hosting from a company that is experienced and has flying hours, good human resources, professional customer service, so I can make sure they will manage web hosting professionally too. Because currently there are many providers of web hosting services that are managed on a freelance basis


Web hosting has a system (operating system whether it’s Linux or Windows) in the system that is used, of course there are vulnerable bugs / loopholes (which “bad guys” can use to do things that can be detrimental) so make sure to buy hosting on the spot who have actually been in the hosting business for more than 10 years because usually they have been exposed to various attacks and already know how to anticipate them.

Has a Large International Bandwidth

When you register a website with Google Webmaster Tools, you will usually be sent an email regarding crawling issues, for example: “Googlebot can’t reach your website” or you can see the graphic crawler. Why can’t Googlebot crawl our website even though there is no problem with the web server (website is not down)?.
One reason is: the web hosting you buy provides a small international bandwidth so that the crawler process is not perfect. This is usually often encountered in web hosting services that use the IIX web server.
Should You Not Buy Cheap Web Hosting?
I’m not saying you have to buy expensive web hosting because the service on cheap web hosting is bad. Please buy web hosting wherever you like, no matter it’s expensive or cheap, the important thing is how the web hosting service system itself.
Sometimes expensive web hosting is not better than cheap in terms of web server performance and in terms of customer service, so we must be wise in determining hosting services, don’t be influenced by cheap or expensive prices but how the service is.