How much will you share?

 novice blogger, yes, with visitors like this and this is not my entry for the purpose of showing off but this is as motivation for colleagues

 a blogger who is a beginner, it turns out that his partner is a blogger, it's just like we work offline, now we work, we don't get the results right away but remember that consistent effort and high commitment will not lie to the results and it's comparable

 straight with success, yes, like that, partner and besides that we must have high commitment and consistency

 to what we do in writing articles, don't be new

 hear Oh this is how Oh this

 how to focus on your HP doing

 OK, Google likes people who are consistent with the content of their blogs, so in 2020 the blogger's income has increased dramatically from bloggers who know solidly how to optimize articles shared by Google Engine or on Sio Kanapa like that because they know how to play better.  I have made this tutorial, please check here, friends in the description above already

 Prepare this video description plate already prepared than the Sio optimization method

 so that the article appears on 10 pages or on the first page of Google like that, you can check the tutorial

 Image optimization Optimus heading gardens, web optimization, automation, permalinks, titles and so on, are complete, there are eight points you can watch if you haven't watched them yet. Now, watch here. Before I go to income or income for beginner bloggers, this is important information for all of us, that I

 Faiha has been struggling with the blogger for three months, her colleagues have only started three months, I just started playing guitar at the end of 2019 Yesterday I started and here I am writing about education because I see that education is for

 There are very few competitors, we can compete with different computers with Surabaya businesses with different areas with technology in Indonesia

 so on, then actually there are many video tutorials about

 beginner blogger income from Adsense, novice blogger income from take a 100-2000, so how much love and beginners from Google Adsense have already had a lot of eggs, check it on other YouTube or disable it. There are many, but here I want to share with friends to motivate us all, no  other no not I want to take pictures

 motivate colleagues how we are together to earn income from this writing work because I believe yes

 working on this we don't

 get it a week two months three months but we will get it

 with consistent perseverance yes dan

 doing what Google and Seo like is called siolangit

 the movement for those who understand Besides that, please comment below, yes, for Sio again, what is it like?

 show me how much income but

 Previously, I showed you from this blog, this blog is like the one I created earlier and recently here, from Google, the search is sometimes 1000 gadang 800, OK, here, let me

 This workshop is YouTube Yes, I have a YouTube channel friend there, discussing your blogger, yes, there is also a backlink from a YouTube channel like that. Well, I also bought it

 Early backlinks on Minal's blog should be here. There, too, unfortunately, the link is cranky, so your friend's recent declination has been up to a month, so it's like that. Now for colleagues, if you want to order this on this blogger, please

 Oh yes, if you have a budget

 high please spend a little budget to increase and

 your seriousness in working on the blogger world, so here I try

 show ya here my article

 actually there are many variations because I wrote one sheet of lesson plans, yes, there I wrote from elementary to middle school and high school to vocational high school there, I made everything in

 This article is like that Well that

 need to know

 by the way my blogger income on Google Adsense is not much

 his partner per day sometimes goes up and down, sometimes tens of thousands, sometimes 5000

 sometimes even up to 1100 Rupiah from it will depend on the one

 have ads that are not the number we see from the statistics not the 1000 ones like this Okay than curious But before we continue to see

 than my income from this blogger please those who haven't like and

 subscribe Please subscribe first, so we are excited to make videos about bloggers and

 useful for many people and for those of you who want a free lesson plan or template

 free blogger, please get two descriptions, I have prepared

 ie template template Seo

 responsive taken from Mas Sugeng from still Zenilda we should have done it

 prepare it in the description on the body it's free to download

 paint Okay, let's see, here's Adri's income on my blog, today, today there are 4000

 until today only 0.5 but see

 my balance is my partner my balance

 Alhamdulillah there are already one million here

 This 60,000 is real from the blogger, yes. Well, here I rarely see it from this reviewer. When I was close, it turned out that I had a significant income sometimes up to 20,000 Rp. 25,000 because it was sad that I was just here discussing training matters such as SKB CPNS, CPNS questions and  so on, it's like that. Now, it's also necessary to know colleagues that Indonesia Apin from my Adsense just appeared, yes, on 22 Feb 2002, it hasn't arrived in the post because I

 waiting there, there are still a lot of about two, two weeks or two months, he will arrive instead of the pin code from Adsense, God willing, next month we will have it

 getting the KPU from Google Adsense, Alhamdulillah, yes, the spirit of fellow bloggers here is our key

 must be sincere yes sincerely do what we write not because of that

 our priority is not because of How to get money How to get dollar change from Crack that ad

 not Regan but how do people who read our articles feel

 I'm lucky, I feel like it's finished

 the problem is feeling he is satisfied with

 the information we write, yes, he feels lucky and so we will eventually get a profit like that, so don't

 the main priority is money and money but how can we do it

 help people, the intention is sincere to

 share by writing with our ideas with tutorials and so on

 Next, for CVC here on CVC instead of Adsense, that's not much, because as we know that for articles or mocking blogs, CPNS are very few, even less than Rp. 100, colleagues are less than Rp. 100, we can see here that it is loading differently from CVC, the technology is huge, but  for the competition is very tight, the competition is very tight, now here you can see there are 7000 clicks

 the cv is only 60 point 80 rupiah, it's very sad for his partner for CVC education, so that's how it is, but the opportunity to compete in the thematic Google Siro for the CEO is very big.

 education, friends can ask questions

 here how do i do?

 earn from the teacher's site here or get a good income

 It's quite significant, I say and I'm personally very happy, this is the main thing for me to blog, right?

 the first time I blogged I learned from my friends about the zodiac and I have applied it continuously, yes, I apply it with my belief that I can help people on Google searches Okay and let's see here for my blog, I don't have much, only a few appear on the Google page  This is the one above or here, yes, download the ezprt question.  1 sheet, yes, it's like this, this is it

 is a popular post here, there are not many friends, as we can see on Google search

 Let's copy it, let's take a look at another blog, let's just put it here. Later, this 2020 blogger's income, we can see if it appears on the Google page. Well, this is an article that I made

 about a month and a half ago, Nadia was on the first page of her colleagues with this keyword, but if we reduce the word formation by changing again because maybe people are interested in persevering

 all this time yeah

 the lounge

 hey hey that sport Ashley is making

 ramein get a free template Please we have traded it we have written it in the description below It's free but please help us by liking and

 subscribe so that we continue to be excited and share about blogger tutorial tutorials in 2020, yes, like that, his partner is clear, so he appears on the first page as well with the words

 a key like this Okay, hopefully it's useful, hopefully this will be our motivation together and of course keep the spirit to write and share in the online world, okay?

 Thank you thank you and keep up the spirit mate I'm proud of you in the online world and of course we have to be with each other

 support by way of blogwalking and so on. Thank you so much...



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