5 Easy Ways to Optimize SEO for Bloggers

5 Easy Ways to Optimize SEO for Bloggers

 Playing in a digital agency as an SEO Content Writer for almost two years taught me a lot about the world of content, especially websites.  The most important and most frequently asked question by many blogger friends is how easy it is to implement SEO on a blog?

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically a practical step to bring visitors to the website that we have.  This technique applies keywords (keywords) so that they can be identified by search engines.

 As short as my experience and during my chat with the technical SEO team in the office whose main job is tweaking websites, the main thing that is important for you to understand about SEO is that this technique basically not only serves Google as a machine, but also humans as the main entity served by  Google.


 From time to time, Google updates its algorithm to make it more human and not robotic to the content that appears on its search page.  The last update that was made was BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) a few days ago.

 Simply put, BERT no longer sees word for word from a website's content, but BERT tries to understand the context of a search phrase or sentence.  Well, lol!  Smarter right?

 Then, what can we do?

 Even though Google's algorithm changes, we can still use SEO to bring in visitors.  The method?

 Game Title and URL


 At the end of 2022 I was addicted to listening to Podcasts.  It was only in March 2018 that I summarized my version of the best Podcast content.  In the title I apply the Best Podcast keyword, even in the URL.

 The first step you can do with a keyword is to apply it in the title and URL of the content.  Don't be long and don't make click-bait titles.  Why?

 You see, lately we're tired of seeing click-bait content because more often it ends up on zoning pages and doesn't answer the title.

 Make Sub-Heading


 If all this time you usually make long and flowing writing, then after this it is better if you make several Sub-Heading in each of your writings.

 The existence of Sub-Heading will help you in mapping the writing so that the flow of thinking is clear and doesn't hang around.  Your readers are also happy because they are not confused by writing that is not clear.

 This will also make your content easier for Google to read because it is more structured.  Imagine if your writing was straight without any spaces.  Very boring isn't it?  ️

 Play Keyword at Beginning


 In my opinion, the most enjoyable part of SEO is the flexibility to play with words.  We are challenged to place keywords in certain sections.

 One of the most crucial parts is in the first 100 words of a blog post.  Every reader certainly has a variety of things to do.  They stray on your blog just to find what they want, so you have to get to the point by providing the keywords they need.

 This way, they will not immediately leave your blog.  Put keywords as natural as possible.  Difficult?  Obviously, but herein lies the challenge.

 Connected Backlinks & Internal Links


 The internet universe is actually like a spider web that is connected to each other.  In order to strengthen your blog in search engines, then you must know Backlinks and Internal Links.

 Backlink is defined as a website link that goes to your blog, while Internal Link is a link to your blog post that goes to your other blog posts.

 If your blog gets backlinks from other blogs with higher popularity in the eyes of Google, then this will automatically increase the credibility of your blog.  It's like you get recommendations from experts.

 Implementation of Internal Link is also required to strengthen your spider web.  The existence of these internal links will make readers not just leave your blog.  Oh yeah, I think we've all met the phrase “Read Also” or “Read More” on a website.  That's what internal links are like.

 What is clear, this Backlink and Internal Link must have something in common, for example a Travel and Travel link.  Not a Travel and Beauty link.  Can't connect

 Must Have Visuals


 You already know that Indonesian people's interest in reading is low?  Basically we prefer visuals than verbal.

 Easy Ways to Make Infographics

 Therefore, implementing SEO on blogs also needs to pay attention to visual aspects, at least images if you don't have time to make videos.  The more here, the blog content is also getting more complex.  Bloggers are not only concerned with words, but also visuals such as images, infographics, and videos.

 So that you are no longer tired of writing without anyone reading, it's better if you insert two or three pictures in your blog post. The condition is, name the image with the keywords you are after.  Also take advantage of alternative text from images that you upload on your blog by naming them with the targeted keywords.

 Try so that the capacity of each image does not exceed 100kb.  The goal is that your blog is not heavy when opened;  so that your readers don't close immediately if they are loaded.

 How to Find Keywords


 Then, how do you determine or find the right keywords for a blog post?

 Don't worry, Google is a comprehensive technology.  If you are confused about what to write, just take advantage of Google Trends.  If you get the idea for writing, look for the right keywords in Keyword Planner.  All these tools are free.. tis.. tis

 The point is, you can't be lazy to create content.  Maximize all the features and tools that Google has provided.

 Indeed, these five easy ways of SEO for bloggers are just one of the various important factors in the world of SEO.  There are various other factors that determine a blog post to appear on the first page of Google.

 I'm sure some of us will nag, “Oh my God, it's such a hassle to make a single post asking for forgiveness!  I just want to write.  Point."

 Yes, it's okay dad.  Life is a choice

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