Web Portfolio Benefits

Web Portfolio Benefits

benefit web portfolio

 What comes to your mind when you talk about websites?  A page on the internet that renders information?  Right.  This is what makes many business people need a website for business operations.  But now, the website also has a positive impact on self-branding as long as you make a portfolio website that is maximal.

 Simply put, a web or portfolio website is a platform that contains the work of a person or maybe a company.  In contrast to blogs, web portfolios are more focused on promotional activities so that they are tailored to the interests of the website owner.  For example, if you are a photographer, then the web portfolio will display documentation of the portraits that you have done so far.

 In today's era of the internet, the existence of a web portfolio is considered very important.  In fact, there are many benefits that make it mandatory for anyone to consider creating a portfolio on a personal website.

 The Benefits of a Web Portfolio For Yourself

 As personal branding, currently many junior millennials or senior Z generations are advised to have a website.  Even freelancers or those who are experienced in the work environment can't hurt to start creating their own portfolio websites.  What are the benefits?  Here's the review!

 1. Destruction of Work

 This is the first benefit that you will get when you have a web portfolio.  As mentioned earlier, a web portfolio will contain various works that you have done.  The content creators will obviously benefit the most because they can post text, photos, videos or anything else on the website.

 By uploading the work on the website, it will be accessible anytime and anywhere.  Not only works, you can also indulge yourself as an award or award in a competition.

 2. Personal Branding enhancement

 Regarding the previous benefits, creating a portfolio website definitely improves personal branding.  You are a freelancer will be considered more professional because anyone can see the results of your work.  When personal branding increases, you can of course set rates for the products or services offered.

 3. Get a Job Offer

 And this is the last benefit of having a web portfolio, which is to get you work fast.  Many SDM (Human Resources) intend to recruit prospective employees because they are captivated by their work on the website.  Likewise, there will be many potential clients who are interested in your abilities and are willing to pay quite a lot to get good results on the web portfolio.

 It's no wonder that many influencers end up managing personal web portfolios in order to attract wider client attention.  Which ultimately has a positive impact on income.

 If you create a website portfolio using the Elementor plugin, you can download elementor for free which I provided (we bought and downloaded it from the original developer).

 Domains, Important Keys to Create a Web Portfolio

 Since there are so many benefits, considering having a web portfolio is something you can't wait to put off.  So what should be prepared first when you want to have a website portfolio?  The answer is domains.

 Domain is the name given to detect a network instead of having to memorize a series of IP (Internet Protocol) numbers.  Like a home address, a domain is very important so that internet users can access the web portfolio.  For this reason, choosing a clear domain cannot be done carelessly because it will make the web portfolio unattractive.

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