Three step to clean up your blog at no cost

Have a clean blog template without spending any money.

I have no doubt that content is the king for a blog but off course the king need a good palace which is blog template and this is why choosing blog template can be very important for every blogger that serious to blogging.

Actually you can have a clean blog template by buying one at, or maybe and this will cost you $25 - @199 for one template.

The other alternative is re-design your old one (remember my tips about How to make your blog more powerful than now part two). Re-design your blog is very easy because all you need to know is a little bit of html code and color code, here is how I did:

First: Have a sketch of a new blog by write it in on a paper or image editor. This include choosing colors and widget

Second: Implement your plan (you don’t need to hurry in this step), delete unused widget and de-activate not working plugin.

Third: Re-check your new blog; see if there is something missing from your old blog that actually you want to have it in your new blog.

It’s easy, don’t you think so?

See, it’s really easy if you know how. Just make sure you have a good design for your new blog template then you can start to work it out.

If you are about to re-design your blog after read this post then I have a few tips for you:

1. Choosing colors is really important and as long as I know simple/basic color is the best.

2. Don’t use to much color, this make your blog “dirty”

3. Use only basic font such as: times new roman, verdana, arrial and tahoma.

4. Using bold tag, block quote, underline and others tag will make your blog easier to read.

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