Recommended Best Android Home Design Apps 2021

 Designing a home layout or work drawing is now easier and more practical, it can be done anywhere and anytime with just the touch of a finger on the Smartphone screen.  You can design your own home concept using the best Android home design applications, which of course you can get on the app store for free.

 With this application you don't have to study hard about 3D modeling, drafting or mastering CAD programs that are so complicated to learn.  The applications that we review below appear with a friendly, intuitive interface, so that anyone can use this application easily without having to require special skills to understand the design features in the application.

 Here are some of the best applications that we have summarized based on the rating and the most number of downloads:

 1. Floor Plan

 The floor plan creator is the easiest that you can use as an assistant planner to create precise and detailed home designs or layouts, simple, smooth, and the features are also fairly complete including editing features, 3-dimensional browsing mode, S-Pen and mouse support.  , supports file synchronization or backing up data into cloud storage applications, define line height and height, export files into PDF, DXF, SVG formats complete with share features that you can use to share your creativity with friends.

 This application is very easy to operate because its features use a drag and drop system.

 Floor plan Creator has been downloaded by more than 10 million users with 81 thousand reviews.  This application also offers an in-app purchase system for 13 thousand rupiah to 109,000 per item.  If you are interested in using it, find it now on Playstore.  Developer name: Marcine Lewandowski, Poland.

 2. Planner 5D

 This application is no less great than other interior design applications available on the Playstore.  Not only professionals who are able to use it, its complete and easy-to-use features allow anyone to use it even without having expertise in the field of architecture.

 To use it you can choose interior or exterior items available in the catalog to create a beautiful and realistic home design.  Not only complete, it turns out that this application also supports VR features that you can use to explore every corner of the room using VR glasses, google cardboard and the like.

 Planner 5D currently offers product subscriptions at an offered price of around 20 thousand per month.  10,000.00 to 906,804.00 peritem.  Planner 5D has obtained a total download of more than 10 million users with 301 thousand reviews.

 3. Magic Plan

 You don't need a ruler to draw an accurate and precise work plane, all you need to do is download this application on the Playstore.  The file size of this application is about 67 MB only.

 You can find and buy this application to be able to use premium features.  This application has been downloaded by more than 5 million users and has 65 thousand reviews.  It can be downloaded for free, but this application has an in app purchase feature for 39.000,00 to 2,999.000,00 per item.

 4. Home design 3D

 Home Design 3D offers both free and paid features that can be downloaded directly in the app market.  All versions are available on google play both free and paid.  This application has been downloaded more than 20 million downloads.

 In addition to its fairly complete features and capable of displaying realistic graphics, this application is also commendable because the price offered is quite cheap, which is around 3 thousand, just pay three thousand, you can immediately use the premium features.

 The features that you can get include interior decoration features, furnish items and object remodels.  This application is suitable for use by professionals and beginners.  Home design 3D has been downloaded by more than 10 thousand users with 44 reviews.

 Maybe that's all the applications that we can recommend to you, over time we will continue to update articles about Android home design applications.

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