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It turns out this is how to withdraw insurance money

 Hi, is it okay for 10 years of insurance to make money? Many customers ask me this today I will answer frequently asked questions

 customer asked me about

 withdrawal of money in insurance Is it necessary-waiting 10 years to be able to withdraw money-in insurance How is this withdrawal-money is it like withdrawing money in the bank How long does the withdrawal process take-how much money can be withdrawn is allowed from-all How do I get insurance money  -Is Money take God agent or

 transferred via Bang, if you don't have a bank account, you can transfer it to

 other people's accounts husband-wife accounts-brothers and sisters father and mother If the transfer-must be a certain bank or bank or-can and tips are insurance money so that the first question is sent quickly

 When can you withdraw insurance money?

 Many think that they need to wait 10 years - so for these 10 years customers

 constantly depositing insurance premiums-even if you are unemployed or your business is declining or some are even

 to sell land for

 the premium money because they are afraid-the insurance investment returns will be bad-if you don't regularly deposit this premium-who would have thought after all the hard work

 depositing premiums for 10 years the investment returns are also not in accordance with what the agent promised and I have discussed it in full here, ladies and gentlemen, if you are experiencing economic difficulties, just take vacation insurance.

 While on leave for your insurance protection - still tips, you can still claim in full - and if you need money just withdraw

 it can be withdrawn at any time, no need to wait 10 years, the important thing is to follow the instructions in-withdrawing insurance funds, ladies and gentlemen, do you think you are withdrawing insurance money?

 like withdrawing money from your bank to the bank filling out a withdrawal slip and the retailer-processed and the money directly you get-from Taylor and it's only a process of about-half an hour in fact not so-by-one insurance you must have-money in your insurance

 ah secondly fill out the form of withdrawal of funds-from insurance you can get

 this form from your agent or from the third insurance company there is a minimum-withdrawal is usually one million so you-can't withdraw only IDR100 Doors-thousand from your insurance fund fourth there is a minimum deposit not the fourth must

 Leave a minimum of the specified funds - usually 2 million the goal is to

 ensure your insurance costs are sufficiently deducted from this two million to keep your insurance active as assumed

 when customers need funds, there is

 the possibility of the customer not depositing the insurance-premium and this policeman could be Lex or die well How long is the period

 the withdrawal is usually 2-3 weeks after the complete withdrawal documents are received by the insurance center and here is the verification process

 important, namely from telephone-to-customer insurance to double conform that

 A customer has requested a withdrawal of insurance funds, the goal is that your money is not eaten by a naughty agent, how come it can be stolen. How do you do that?

 say the customer's name is just one word and very market like Andi Titi

 love.co hagus Indra Ika lively Nita Ria-Rina Dewi Hendra Yana Agung steps Budi-Eko Herman Karmanto Linda then Elf

 Michael Michael Robert Robert overlap-Larry James James David Daniel Lina

 Steven Steven Desi Desi Erik Peter Peter-Bani Ussy Ahmad and others-naughty agents can make savings on behalf of customers by finding out those who have the same name and then money

 track and transferred to the new account so make sure your mobile number and your active email are registered with the insurance so that if something bad happens you get a confirmation- how do you know if your mobile number has been registered with

 insurance If you still receive sms-payment notifications or bills-to pay premiums from insurance means-your number has been registered but if-so far you don't receive it, contact your agent-now or register with insurance-by telephone to them. Is this insurance fund possible?  before, everything was not, if all pulled, it meant closing the police

 the insurance is turned off like

 submitted earlier, it is mandatory to leave funds

 minimal and similar to savings in a bank if all the savings have been withdrawn

 This means that the account is closed. The method of taking insurance money is by transferring it directly to the customer's bank account, no. I take cash or cash, which is deposited at the insurance office.

 or your agency is not obligated to via transfer to the customer's bank account if you don't have an account Can you give power of attorney by transferring to other people's accounts and other people, for example you

 maybe husband and wife, children, father, mother or neighbors, all shouldn't have to transfer to the policyholder's account

 Why is it because it avoids the occurrence of lies between relatives, which is like dramas on television - where the wife divorces her husband until the wife and children are carried out by parents and all kinds of things if they don't have an account. Now, the question is whether it must be a certain bank or a bank.  or ladies and gentlemen, you can open an account at any bank, which is important, commercial banks do not apply to the DPR because only commercial banks can accept transfers of funds from other commercial banks nationally.

 important insurance withdrawal tips-your withdrawal will be counted

 based on the current unit link price

 bookkeeping, which is 2-3 weeks after you submit a withdrawal of funds and during this 23-week the unit link price may change because it is based on stock prices or market price movements-this will affect the process and the amount of withdrawals, for example you have a balance-with  the value of 10 million in your insurance - because you have to leave at least 2 million - then you can withdraw a maximum of 8 million - when you want to make a withdrawal - first the unit link price

 Let's say the target is IDR 3,000 per unit - after three weeks it turns out

 Decreased to 2700 means-down 10% means the value of the balance in

 your insurance from 10 million down

 and become 9 million with must

 require the remaining 2 million means you

 can't withdraw again for 8 million you can only withdraw 7 million and- when you do the bookkeeping and it turns out that the name is insufficient or you can't withdraw more than that you will

 contacted again and if you don't pick up, this transaction will be considered canceled and you have to repeat the process from the beginning so my advice is when you want to withdraw

 max ver or take it or reduce your maximum-limit to 50% for example-if you want to withdraw 8 million, then 10% means the tariff is 7.2 million so what when there is a decrease in the unit link price-process to keep you running Okay  Ladies and gentlemen, you are very amazing watching until the end of this video-membrane conclusion from so many-important info From this video Saturday-you can withdraw your insurance money-anytime you don't have to Wait 10 years 20-withdrawals are required to leave a minimum balance-every time  different affairs, some are two million, some are how many million

 other three The withdrawal process is necessary

 time of two to three weeks So you have to be patient with the fourth spare 5 up to 10% of the maximum withdrawal limit of your funds to deal with unit price decreases. Link 5 Make sure your mobile number and your active email are registered at

 mother and father insurance if you feel

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