How is The quality of your followers on twitter

 Have you got something from twitter?

Do you ever check what you have got from twitter? Traffic, sales or lead? I mean like this, let say you have more than 5000 follower then what are their contributions for you? (Try to answer this question and continues to read)

It’s really important to get followers on twitter as much as we can. But the true twitter master knows how to get quality and targeted member to follow them.

What are targeted followers?

Targeted follower’s means people’s that have the same interest with you.

Why you need quality and targeted followers?

Really simple, if you have targeted followers then you have successfully optimize your twitter for sure And this is three best things you can get:

  • Targeted followers will increase your blog traffic if you are a blogger.
  • You will have more sales if you Promote products to your Targeted followers.
  • You will have a better communication with your followers.

How to get targeted followers?

Forget about any site that requires you to pay amount of money to get thousands of followers in a very short time.Even the fact is they are not lie to you because they do send you lot of followers but you need to think about the follower’s quality.

If you want to get targeted followers then all you need to do is use search feature from twitter itself, here is the step by step how it work:

  • Go to your twitter account.
  • Type “your keyword “in the search box at the right sidebar on twitter site
  • Follow the entire list
  • Don’t need to worry about whether they following you back or not, my experience show that 80-90 % will follow you back
  • Do this every day
  • This is how I do and I am sure this is work for you too.

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