Easy Ways to Display Income Menu on Blogger Blogspot

Easy Ways to Display Income Menu on Blogger Blogspot

 One of the menus contained in Blogger is the Income menu.  However, this menu sometimes does not appear on some blogger accounts.  This is because an error occurred in the language settings and formatting.  However, what is the function of this Income menu?

 This income menu works for those of you who will or want to monetize your blog or website with Google Adsense.  So, for those of you blogger users who will register their blog to google adsense, it is enough to register in this income menu.  If your google adsense account is already connected to your blog, you can display ads on your blog without having to install ad code.  By having a google adsense account you can monetize your blog and get income alias money from the ads displayed by google adsene on your blog.

 Then, how to Easily Display Income Menu on Blogger Blogspot?

 To Display Income Menu on Blogger Blogspot is very easy, you only need to change the settings or settings contained in your blog.  The easy way to display the income menu on Blogger Blogspot is as follows.

 First you must first login to your blogger account then go to your blog dashboard.  Select and enter the Settings menu, then select Language and Formatting.  After that, in the “Language” section, please change it to “English (United States) – English (United States)”, then select Save.

 After the steps above have been applied to your blog, please now refresh the page or return to the dashboard.

 Now the Income menu on your blog has appeared.  With this menu you can use it to apply for registration with Google Adsense or if you already have an Adsense account then you can connect it

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