Easy Way To Increase Online Sales

Easy Way To Increase Online Sales

 simple blogger tutorial Online business (online shop) is becoming a trend among business people today.  This makes people compete in building a new online business.  Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not understand the tips and strategies for running an online business so that online businesses cannot run optimally.

 Whatever type of online business you are engaged in, whether in the field of clothing (clothes), food, electronics and so on.  And whatever container you use, such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, Lazada, Bibli, Facebook, Instagram and so on.  All that requires a mature strategy!.

 To run an online business (online shop), you can't just run it carelessly and carelessly.  Need to analyze, further research, the main goal is to seek profit (profit) as much as possible.

 Various studies have proven successful in attracting potential consumers, you can apply some of the tips below for how to start an online business and how to increase online sales that we are in now.

 Well, to solve such problems, knowledge is needed regarding some online business tips (increasing online sales) which will be discussed below, take the knowledge & apply it gradually.

 Tips to Increase Online Business Sales

 1. Build the Right Mindset

 The mindset (mindset) needed by a businessman is a strong mindset and has a strong ambition in achieving a goal.

 Do not let you have a mindset that is easily swayed when you encounter a problem, look for the problems you are experiencing & find the best solution.  Don't forget to always instill a positive mindset in yourself.

 2. Understand Who Your Target Customers Are

 In running an online business, you also need who your target audience (customers) is, is it a woman or a man?  If a woman, what is the minimum & maximum age target?

 Provide the best service according to your target audience.  From now on, don't think in general, be more specific.

 3. Take advantage of the nearest location first

 Before you start online where the whole world (especially Indonesia) will see it, you can also take advantage of sales from the nearest location first, opening a small shop is also not a problem (although the main focus remains online).

 You can take advantage of this feedback from them, it can be used as a testimony too!  This truly real (authentic) testimony is much more professional & halal, never do fake testimonials.

 4. Also Register Addresses on Google Maps

 Even though you don't have a physical store, you can also register it on Google Maps so that it appears there.  How to register You can visit Google My Business, register your store identity there.

 Synergizing with each other is much better, online income can also be obtained, offline can also be.  Moreover, if your store rating on google maps is very high & all positive, this can be a sign that consumer confidence will increase (no hesitation).

 5. Simplify Product Purchase Flow / Process

 All potential customers will leave if our store service is bad, before starting you must apply what is called customer experience.  It's as if you are a potential customer in your own store, is the product buying process difficult or easy, is it a fast response?

 If you use an online sales platform using a website, do easy product purchases.  Don't forget to always provide customer service features, because not all prospective customers will buy 100% just like that, they will ask first before buying goods/products from you.

 6. Also Take Advantage of Social Media

 Social media can also help to market your product there.  Manage your social media accounts with attractive & professional design.  An attractive design can make potential customers more interested than your competitors.

 You can also advertise on social media, for example, Facebook & Instagram.  Do the audience to the region in more detail, not all of Indonesia, this can minimize advertising costs.

 7. Do Digital Marketing Professionally

 One of the next online business tips does not escape the sentence of digital marketing, one of the strategies to increase online sales that you must apply to attract potential customers.

 If you are marketing it through a personally created website, implement a nice & responsive look.  Moreover, the website, not far from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, you also have to learn this SEO strategy.

 The benefits of implementing SEO on your website have an attractive website display in google search results, for example, Feri Agency (see image below):

 Having an attractive appearance compared to competitors, the potential for being clicked by potential consumers is greater.  Moreover, if your website appears on the first page of Google with the keywords we are targeting.

 In addition, the use of social media must also provide the best service & design.  If you don't have a reliable team, but are determined to grow your business, you can use Google's digital marketing agency services.

 The digital marketing agency is available starting from website creation, seo services, copywriting design services and so on.  People who are experts in their fields, this will get maximum results = your business will look professional.

 8. Providing Attractive Promos

 The thing that is expected from the eyes of potential consumers is the phrase "promo / discount", after seeing these two sentences they will be interested in seeing the products that we will sell.

 One of the successful strategies to increase online sales.  Give promos in a short (limited) time, this can change the psychology of prospective consumers spontaneously.  For example: the promo is only valid today until 23:59 WIB.

 Or you can also give a discount.  A slightly naughty strategy is to increase the selling price first, then you put the word "discount" on the price tag (nominal amount / discount percentage as you want).

 9. Increase Brand Awareness

 Brand awareness (brand awareness) to get to know a product or service so that it is more famous.  Every business must have a business name (brand).  If your business is engaged in clothing, potential customers who want to buy clothes will always remember your brand name compared to competing brands, as a result they will go to your store first.

 So that your business name is famous there are many ways that can be done.  One of them is doing advertisements in several national media, such as Facebook or Instagram.

 In addition, you can also advertise articles in national media such as detik.com, idntimes.com, kompas.com, tribunnews.com, cnnindonesia.com, cnbcindonesia.com and many more.

 Are you interested in advertising in the national media?  You can only use our services!  For more information, click on the following sentence: press release services.

 In our service, not only plain articles (press releases) but you can also input backlinks (hyperlinks) on national media websites leading to the website/media you want.  That way, brand awareness is easily achieved.

 Now, Just Action!

 After understanding the tips above in how to increase sales of online shops and other online-based businesses, we take the source briefly from several experiences.

 Now, you just start it gradually.  The more hours you fly, the more you get used to dealing with human errors, then find problem solving according to your own style.

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