Solving the Source of the Problem


Solving the Source of the Problem

 simple blogger tutorial - Do you want it or not?  Don't you want it?  I want life to be smooth, calm, peaceful.

 How to live a smooth, calm, and peaceful life?  There has to be an effort, to make it happen, strive for it, try it, doesn't it?

  But I have the opposite thought.

 Instead of trying to be calm and peaceful, why not try so that there are no problems?

 For me, trying to be calm and peaceful is harder than trying not to have problems.

 Because I believe 90% of the problems are present because of our own actions, internal factors.  The remaining 10% is from external factors.

 Calm and peace can be easier to strive for when you don't have problems, and don't look for problems, or even make problems.

 Even if you can, how do you make all the efforts you make, all the policies you choose, and all the decisions you make, the potential for problems to arise is zero, zero.

 To zero the problem, you need good Game Theory and simulation.

 Remember the key, focus on “don't let problems arise”, not try to be “calm and peaceful”.

 In reality, there is no guarantee that there will be zero problems, because there are still 10% external factors, it could be because of other people, it could also be because of Allah's decree.

 But at least we did our best.

 And so far, the things that I have tried to zero risk, thank God, have ended well (less problems).

 Of the various internal possibilities, these are the things that most often get you stuck in trouble:

 Don't want to wait, hurry

 Too much gas, forgot to brake

 Lots of speculation, lack of ammo

 In a hurry

 In this case, there are two types of people:

 Make the right decisions quickly

 In a hurry

 For number 1, it is clear, those who can do it are people who already have high flying hours, and qualified skills.

 If number 2 it can happen to anyone.

 There are various reasons why someone is too hasty, but I want to write down one of the biggest causes;  lack of knowledge.

 Due to lack of knowledge, he feels that his idea must be executed immediately, for example.  He thought this kind of opportunity did not necessarily exist anymore.

 He feels that if he doesn't run now, he'll be left behind by competitors and he won't be able to race again.

 He felt that other people would beat him.

 He was so rushed that he forgot that once you go in, you can't go back.  Once entered, difficult or even impossible to return.

 What happens on the battlefield is often surprising for people who are in a hurry to make decisions.


 "Oh, it turns out this way."

 "Ouch, forgot to take this into account."

 "Well, you know, it's better later."

 And a series of other expressions of regret.  Porridge can't be rice anymore.

 Making the right decision quickly will be easy for people who are already level 80-100.

 For those of you who haven't, read more, learn, and study, so you can reach level 100 soon.

 Reading articles or books might add 5-10 levels, so keep reading my writings anywhere.  Yes, I'm not saying that by reading my writing, you can go straight to level 100, at least it's 2 to 3 levels up.

 Forgot to brake

 Have you ever learned to say "yes" no matter what other people say or ask?

 People say, "Why did you buy that stuff anyway?  That's blah blah blah.."

 You answer, "Yes, I am not careful in choosing"

 It's one of the nicest items you'll ever use.

 I mean, always give answers or responses that others feel benefited, satisfied, uplifted, and the like.

 Why is that?

 In addition to being rewarded for pleasing others, you are also training to control your emotions and ego.

 Most problems arise because of emotions and ego.  The gas goes on forever, until you forget where the brakes are.

 Gasping is necessary, because it will speed up our acceleration, but we also have to engage the brakes so that they don't all get hit carelessly.

 To control the gas, make these 3 filters:

 There is an advantage for me.

 Don't hurt other people.

 There is no domino loss.

 With these 3 things, God willing, the brakes will function properly and correctly.

 Maybe you want to ask, what about domino losses?

 It's simply like this, you lose, the environment loses, your assets are lost, your family is affected, you have to deal with other people for a long time, and so on.  The point is that one problem can bring up other problems, which will make you more stressed.

 Lots of Speculation

 "I think it's good like this."

 All sentences that contain as if, in my opinion, could be, etc. it is a characteristic of speculative nature.

 Is speculation prohibited?  No, speculation is good to use in an emergency.  But good speculation must be supported by accurate data.

 Speculation must be based on data, not just follow your heart.

 The easiest way to make speculation (with results that are close to zero-risk), is after you get advice from 3 or more people.  Those 3 people must be the ones who already know the A-Z of what you want to speculate about.

 Only armed with it, you can get into big trouble.

 "He's a good person, the offer is good, okay, join."

 Surely you have experienced this, right?

 After that, it turns out that reality is not as good as expected.

 You must learn to be wiser in managing yourself.

 Remember, 90% of the problems come due to internal factors, the remaining 10% are external.

 In Islam there are more prohibitions than commands.

 That's actually what I want to tell you, if you want to say hello (congratulations), just live your life with santuy, you don't have to be adventurous.

 Control yourself.

 I repeat again, don't focus on seeking peace, but enough by not creating problems, God willing, peace will be automatic.

 Plus dhikr and sholawat, good and spiritual, God willing.

 I myself am still practicing.

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