How to Increase Domain Authority and Page Authority Quickly

How to Increase Domain Authority and Page Authority

 How to Increase Domain Authority and Page Authority Quickly, Domain and Page Authority are benchmarks for a website or blog that has been built for a long time and is a professional reference for blog competition in search engines, if it is high it will make it easier for articles to be on the first page of Google and can compete with other competitors.  big keywords.

 If the opposite value is low, your blog will be difficult to compete on the first page of Google.  Therefore, the admin will share how to increase these values ​​so that they are high quickly so that your blog can compete with other sites on the google search engine.

 Here's How to Increase Domain and Page Authority Quickly

 Create quality articles

 First, you have to create quality content.  What does quality content look like?  Original content created by thoughts and hands alone, a minimum of quality words is 300 if more is better, because it helps increase domain and page authority quickly.

 Embedding SEO knowledge in articles

 SEO or Search Engine Optimized is a way to optimize a website to get into the top rankings in search results, especially in organic research, in an article it is very useful to increase domain and page authority, it can even make our articles stand by on the first page of Google search.  Therefore, the Admin recommends making SEO articles, if you don't know the knowledge, you can search on Google about SEO sciences.

 Delete Broken Links Periodically

 Broken links are links that you put on your blog but the url is dead.  Therefore, Broken Links can have a bad impact on the quality of the blog which causes the domain and page authority to decrease.  Suggestions suggest that you immediately fix the broken link on your blog.


 Well, this last step is very confusing because there are some who discuss that backlinks don't and some have an effect.  However, after the Admin investigated further, it turns out that backlinks are very useful for increasing our blog's domain and page authority, as long as the backlinks are of quality, like the big sites Tribun, Detik, Kompas and others, they also embed quite a lot of quality backlinks.  So that the site likes to appear on the first page of Google even though we use different keywords.

 That's How to Increase Domain Authority and Page Authority Quickly that Admin can share, if you want to ask questions about bloggers, you can send a message via the contact menu for that, hopefully it will be useful.  That is all and thank you.

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