7 Best Premium Blogger Templates in 2021

What are the factors that make the Blogger Template suitable for use? The factors that make this blogger template suitable for use are SEO Friendly,

7 Best Premium Blogger Templates in 2021
 7 Best Premium Blogger Templates in 2021

7 Best Premium Blogger Templates in 2021 - As we bloggers already know.  Templates are one of the most important factors in our blog, because if we use a good, neat blog template, of course it will be very liked by our blog visitors.

 What are the factors that make the Blogger Template suitable for use?  The factors that make this blogger template suitable for use are SEO Friendly, Mobile Friendly, Fast loading, and of course Responsive.

 Talking about templates, there will definitely be no end, because every year or maybe every month there must be new blogger templates and of course very good, surely we bloggers are confused about which template to use, it's impossible, right?  have to change templates frequently, which will actually have a bad impact on our blog.

 Here, I have concluded, there are 7 Best Premium Blogger Templates For 2021, I conclude these blogger templates in terms of the number of users of the template, in terms of its template features.

 Curious, what are the templates?  let's just go ahead and discuss the 7 Best Premium Blogger Templates in 2021.

 7 Best Premium Blogger Templates in 2021

 1. Viomagz

 Viomagz Blogger Template

 It's been 2 years until now, this blogger template created by Mas Sugeng is very much using this template, maybe most of the blogs I've visited on average use this one Viomagz template, because in terms of SEO, Responsive is indeed a template  This blogger is very feasible to use, so it's no wonder that many bloggers use the Viomagz template.  The following are the features of the Viomagz tenplate:

  •  100% responsive
  •  SEO Ready
  •  Fast Loading
  •  Fast Loading, Great design
  •  Ads Optimized
  •  Support Blogger Theme Designer Features
  •  Support Schema Markup
  •  Breadcrumb Navigation
  •  Auto Readmore
  •  Pop-up Search Form
  •  Sticky Widgets
  •  Related Posts Widget
  •  Share Button Responsive
  •  Numbered Page Navigation
  •  Back to Top Button
  •  Custom error page

 2. UI median

 Median UI Blogger Template

Median UI Blogger Template

This Median UI template is made crowded in the Indonesian Blogger group on Facebook, because this blogger template is unique in using UI design, I myself have used this one template, indeed for the appearance it is very pleasing to the eye, but for Loading Speed, SEO  was not sacrificed, so it's still worth it to use.

 This Median UI Blogger Template was created by Muhammad Maki, the owner of the web designer.  And there are 2 versions for the Median UI template, namely the regular version and the AMP support version, so adjust it to your needs.  Here are your features from the Median UI template:

  •  Responsive
  •  Mobile Friendly
  •  SEO Friendly
  •  Dynamic Heading
  •  High CTR
  •  Personal Blog
  •  Custom Threaded Comments
  •  2 Column
  •  Auto Read More with Thumbnail
  •  Responsive Ad Slot
  •  Breadcrumbs
  •  Related Posts with Thumb
  •  Search Box
  •  Social Share Button
  •  Responsive Dropdown Menu
  •  Social Links Widget
  •  Smooth Back to Top
  •  Recommended Widgets
  •  Custom Subscribe Box Widget
  •  Sitemap Widget
  •  Grid and List mode
  •  Dark Mode
  •  Shortcodes
  •  Well Documentation

 3. Link Magz

 Magz Link Blogger Template

Magz Link Blogger Template

After the hectic use of Viomagz by Indonesian Bloggers, Mas Sugeng soon made another blogger template, which I think this template is very similar to the usual WordPress template, namely the Link Magz Blogger Template, I first saw this Link magz template, reminding me  like WordPress templates, and many Indonesian blogger communities also mention that this one template is similar to a WordPress template, so it's no wonder that this Link Magz Template has a lot of users.  Here are the Features of the Link Magz template.

  •  SEO Friendly
  •  Responsive / Mobile Friendly
  •  Layout version 3 (show/hide widget via layout)
  •  Already using schema markup
  •  Order button via WhatsApp
  •  Image slider
  •  Related Posts
  •  Breadcrumbs
  •  Social media share button
  •  Auto ads widget in the middle of the article
  •  Sticky Navigation Menu
  •  Page navigation with load more mode
  •  Smooth Scroll
  •  Back to Top button
  •  sticky sidebar
  •  Related posts in the middle of the article

 4. Fletro

 Fletro Blogger Template

Fletro Blogger Template

In addition to the previous Median UI template, it turns out that the Fletro template also has a lot of users, the same as the Meduan UI, the Fletro Blogger Template uses a clean, SEO Friendly, and Fast Loading UI concept, this template was created and designed by Muhammad Maki, the owner of JagoDesain, as follows  are Fletro Template Features.

  •  Google Page speed Yes
  •  Google Testing Tools Yes
  •  Ads Optimize Yes
  •  Lazy Image & Lazy Youtube
  •  Layouts v3 and Widgets v2
  •  Complete Widget Style
  •  Adaptive Headers
  •  Switch Post Layout
  •  Multipost Layout
  •  Page Split
  •  Infinity Scroll
  •  Related Posts 5 Style
  •  Blogger Comment v2
  •  Custom Error Pages
  •  Chat & Back to Top Button

 5. Evo Magz V6

 Evo Magz V6 Blogger Template

Evo Magz V6 Blogger Template

 Before the Viomagz template, Link Magz, the Evo Magz template was very popular in 2017, when I was just getting into the blogging world, I myself used this Blogger Template, and now this Evo Magz Blogger Template is getting a new update by  Mas Sugeng, namely the Evo Magz V6, and the design still looks typical like the Evo Magz before, but for the features it may have been updated to the latest, here are the features of the Evo Magz V6 Template.

  •  100% Responsive
  •  Custom Mobile Version
  •  SEO Optimized
  •  Ads Optimized
  •  Fully Customizable
  •  Awesome Ready Fonts
  •  Breadcrumb Navigation
  •  Auto Readmore
  •  Related Posts Widget
  •  Share Buttons
  •  Tab View Widget
  •  Recent Posts Widget
  •  Numbered Page Navigation
  •  Back to Top button
  •  Custom error page
  •  Facebook Comments

 6. Igniplex

 Igniplex Blogger Template

Igniplex Blogger Template

 This Blogger template is also no less popular, Igniplex has stolen a lot of attention from Bloggers, this one template was designed by Blogger Women, that is, I just mentioned Mbak Igniel, the owner of Igniel, this template in my opinion uses the Material Design concept, which of course  there are many enthusiasts, here are the features of the Igniplex template.

  •  Layouts v3 & Widgets v2
  •  Infinite Scroll Navigation
  •  Lazy Load Ads & Images
  •  Pagination (Page Split)
  •  Anti-adblock
  •  Multi Slider Layout
  •  Multi Blog Post Layout
  •  Pre-installed Ads Position
  •  Sticky Widgets
  •  Valid Structured

 7. Flexible Company

 Flexible Company Blogger Template

Flexible Company Blogger Template

 This Blogger template uses a simple and minimalist concept, this Blogger Template was made from Blogger from Pangandaran, Garut, namely Adhy Suryadi, owner of KompiAjaib, he has made a lot of blogger templates that are no less cool than other template designers, here are the features  - Features of the Flexible Company template.


 Well maybe only the 7 Best Premium Blogger Templates in 2021, if you have suggestions for the best 2021 blogger templates too, you can write them in the comments column, so that readers also know, thank you.

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