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100 Words Sad Boy/Girl 2022


100 Words Sad Boy/Girl 2022
100 Words Sad Boy/Girl 2022

 Okay, it doesn't take long to go straight to the words of the saddest sadboy anywhere without stopping.

 100 Words Sad Boy/Girl 2022

 Sadboy's first words

 "He's Just Curious But Why Are You Using Feelings"

 "Actually, I knew you were gone.

 But, I often lie to myself

 like you're coming back..."

 "I'm really realizing now...

 If there is a disappointment that can't be expressed

 And there are stories that can't be told."

 "If he chooses to leave you,

 Don't you ever beg to make it last

 Because if he loves he won't go away

 "One day I believe

 There will be people who are really proud to have me,

 really love me,

 Really sincere and appreciative of me"

  "After separating from you,

 I try to get closer to other people,

 But why... I always think,

 If you will be disappointed again, you will be foreign again"

 "Not everyone who is hurt, will hurt back,

 Because he already knew, the unpleasantness of the pain, and

 He doesn't want the people he loves to feel the same way."

 "I'm sometimes confused by people like to say, 'Just do your best'

 'Just do what can make you happy', yes if I already know,

 Yes, I did it without you asking."

 "Have you ever been so grateful, meeting someone

 to the point that my heart said, oh my god, I really love this person.

 Yes, I did, but that was before."

 I'm tired of hoping,

 I'm tired of liking you too

 And I think I should stop..."

 "Hey, he actually knows.

 He's really sensitive.

 If you have feelings for him,

 But yeah... He doesn't care about you"

 "Honestly I can help other people,

 to heal the wound, but I can't,

 To heal my own wounds."

 "I want to say I miss you but, hehehe

 Kek, you're happier without me."

 "Maybe you have 100 ways to lie,

 But believe me, God has 1000 ways,

 To unpack everything

 "After Losing You,

 I Lost Me"

 "If someone asks you still like...

 Yes, I still like it, but I don't want to hope anymore"

 "I'm not a good person, I'm also not a perfect person,

 So what am I who is not this good and perfect person,

 Don't deserve happiness?"


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 "I just realized, the highest point of love...

 That someone is Classifying"

 "Hey, you'll never meet the perfect one,

 Because the perfect one is not sought but formed"

 "I've tried my best,

 But the reality didn't live up to expectations and now,

 I'm already at the point where what's going to happen, happens."

 "He's actually sensitive, It's just that he pretends, Insensitive to your feelings for him"

 "I'm not leaving, I'm still here.

 I purposely took a few steps back,

 Give you space, anyways you've found it,

 More happiness than you and me,

 But if you want to come back,

 I'm still here."

 "My presence is not appreciated, my loss is not sought"

 "Don't expect more, especially virtual ones,

 Here you ask 'Have you eaten yet?'

 The one over there 'Let's eat' "

 "The consequence is that if we love someone, we are ready to lose that person"

 "We'll meet again later, yes, as 2 old friends who once had feelings"

 "The stupid thing I do every morning is to check notifications from you, which I myself am sure that might not exist"

 "How can you say that for example, I am happy with other people, even though my happiness is only with you"

 "You're great, I accompanied you at your lowest point. But, you left me at my lowest point"

 "I tell you yes, you are the main role that will never be replaced"

 "Honestly, I've never sincerely regretted someone. But, I thought, I've been this sincere. How come it's still being wasted? What else should I try.."

 "Actually, I'm just tired of myself. It's more about not being able to understand what I want, but hoping that other people can understand what I want. Are you stupid?"

 "Every meeting there must be a farewell, and. If later we are not together anymore, and you need a place for stories, remember I'm still here anyway"

 "Don't expect you to be able to change someone, because he loves you, because the one who can change him is himself and you are nobody"

 "Have you ever missed, missed you.... really, but you can't do anything, all you can do is wait for him to miss you back and that's impossible"

 "One fact of life that I have always accepted until now is that there will be no plan according to the plan you made because God has His own plan"

 "I'm here, it looks like a beggar in your eyes, even though if it's someone else, I won't chat first, if he doesn't chat with me"

 "Obviously he sees me as a friend. So, why do I have feelings?"

 "If being with me makes you hurt, then say goodbye. And find the person you call happy"

 "I will make sure losing me, will be the most painful longing in your life"

 "The disappointment of patient people is simple, it starts with silence, and ends with leaving"

 "People say we change a lot, but in reality, too many things force us to change"

 "The lie I do every day is that my lips keep smiling but, but my heart cries"

 "Even though we don't chat anymore now. But, you were once the most important part of my life. Even though it was a moment, and you were also the person I was waiting for the most notifications. Take care of yourself, thank you for everything"

 "Is that so? The conditions for getting it, you have to be good-looking first? If so, I'll say goodbye, okay?"

 "I'm sorry... I always force to keep chatting with you, because if you're not around. I don't know who else to get attention from"

 "Take it easy.. I'm a good person, I once introduced my friends to people I like and finally they made it"

 "I hate being able to inspire people, being a good listener, being able to provide solutions but I can't do that myself"

 "It's funny.. I feel lost, even though I haven't had the chance to have one yet"

 "I'll make sure that starting today, you won't hear from me again."

 "You said you'd always be there for me if I needed you, well now I really need you... and where are you now?"

 "Forget about me begging for you to stay here. Now I let you go and go find your happiness"

 "I won't chase even though I love you, because I'm tired of being unappreciated"

 "Thank you for being present in this maturation process, I've been the most anxious person to the most sincere"

 "Maybe there will come a time when I have to stop, to love someone not because that person doesn't love me back, but I know that he is happy without me"

 "Never beg for someone to always be there for you, because if he is sincere he will always be there without you asking"

 "Every day I am more and more aware, if I have no one, I thought yesterday I found the right person, it turned out that I was wrong, he came just to stop, not stay"

 "I'm now in a phase where I can't feel anything clearly, when someone makes me angry, I can only stay silent and smile. When someone hurts me, I can't even cry someone calls it 'Numping' but I call it used to it"

 "Well starting today will be the last day I love you and goodbye"

 "Be patient... Maybe there will come a time where you wait and I don't come"

 "It's hard, but what can I do. I can't help but have to stop liking you, because what you want isn't me"

 "Between 2 people who forget each other there must be one pretending and that person is me"

 "Again and again I have to wait not because I am patient and also not because I am strong but because I am used to it"

 "When I really let you go, don't ever come again okay. Because for me to get to that point it wasn't an easy journey I sacrificed a lot of other people"

 "Finally our time is over, you left me, I left you. See you good people see you at the point according to fate"

 "I thought you left by mistake, it turns out you left because of my shortcomings, ha... funny huh."

 "I don't expect much, seeing you happy I'll be happy too, even though I'm sick but I'm okay. It's enough just to talk and just look at you it makes me really happy, I'm that classy now, thank you for everything "

 "A lot of feelings start as friends, but there are also many friendships that end with feelings"

 "Never change for the sake of someone else, whatever you do if he wants to leave he will leave, if he wants to stay he will stay"

 "Well it's over, it feels like just yesterday I felt really happy to have you so lucky to have you, but now it's just a stranger, take care of yourself okay..."

 "How can you be enthusiastic, the spirit is still encouraging others"

 "Let's meet for a while, after that if you don't want to see me again it's okay, at least after that meeting I don't miss you anymore"

 "Calm down, not now but later, you will know how it feels to be ignored by people who usually fight for you hard, and to be ignored by people who always greet you warmly, wait for the time"

 "Honestly, I really miss you, until my chest feels really tight but I promised myself that I won't bother you anymore, this is not because my prestige is high but because I know myself that you won't care"

 "You're an adult, it's not the time for you to play around anymore, if you don't have the intention to have it. Don't act as if you opened your heart"

 "It's true that knowing you was so short, but I don't know why letting go of you was so hard and October was a silent witness where I forced you to let go"

 "I never regret knowing you, even from you I learned that no matter how sincere I love someone, if someone's destiny is not for me it will be in vain and from you I also began to realize that letting go is the best part of loving"

 "Don't worry, I will not leave you under any circumstances, but remember one thing I will leave you when you have chosen to love someone else"

 "I will prioritize you even though my situation is not fine, I'm afraid when you need me but the account isn't there, I'm afraid you're alone and I'm afraid that someone will accompany you, besides that I'm also afraid that for example someone will succeed in changing the position  I am in your heart, as dear as I am to you but you never realize "

 "I'm going back, let's just say yesterday's attention was a gift from our introduction"

 "Many people lose because they are late to declare, but in fact many lose after stating"

 Okay, thanks for reading until the end, you're the best...

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