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World Energy Crisis Eats New Victim: The United States!

 In fact, the global energy crisis has begun to be felt in the United States (US).  This can be seen from the projection of the country's heating energy provider which says there will be an increase in tariffs in the coming winter.

 In a statement by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), Wednesday (10/13/2021), it was stated that this increase was caused by rising fuel prices.  This is due to demand that exceeds supply.

 "Today energy demand growth has generally outpaced supply growth," said EIA Acting Administrator Steve Nalley in a release.

 "This dynamic is driving up energy prices around the world."

 Nearly half of US households depend on natural gas for heat.  The average cost for the house is expected to increase by 30% to US$ 746 (Rp 10.6 million) for the October-March period compared to the same month in 2020, which is still in the range of US$ 573 (Rp 8.15 million).  million).

 Previously the same thing was also conveyed by several utility companies.  They feared a real fuel deficit this winter and triggering blackouts.

 “Utilities are concerned that the assets they own cannot get enough fuel,” said Ernie Thrasher, Chief Executive Officer of XcoalEnergy & Resources LLC, in an interview with Bloomberg.

 To cover this deficit, some utility service providers have turned to coal.  It is estimated that the land of Uncle Sam will experience an increase in consumption of fuel with high pollutants by up to 23%.

 This is quite contrary to the country's commitment to coal.  Earlier, US President Joe Biden emphasized his pledge to invest US$ 2 billion (Rp 28 trillion) to support developing countries to move away from coal-fired power plants.

 "We will focus on accelerating progress on electrification and batteries, hydrogen, carbon capture, use and storage, zero emission aviation and delivery, and for countries that choose to use it, nuclear power," Biden and other G7 leaders said at the summit.  last June.

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