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Liverpool Vs Man City: Anfield is Full Again, Citizens Are Not Afraid


Liverpool Vs Man City: Anfield is Full Again, Citizens Are Not Afraid

simple blogger tutorial - Liverpool look different at home when fully supported by their supporters.  Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola is not worried about that.

 City last season managed to end a long fasting of 18 years, after beating Liverpool at Anfield with a landslide score of 4-1.  At that time Liverpool did appear messy and unable to keep up with City.

 Incidentally also Liverpool in a bad trend at that time.  One of the reasons is because it is not supported by supporters who have been the 12th player.

 Liverpool always appear spartan when there are supporters who support, both at home and away.  The proof this season, Liverpool can top the Premier League standings, one point ahead of City and unbeaten,

 While in the Champions League, Liverpool have won two wins.  Liverpool's machine is working again scoring goal after goal.

 This will be a threat for City who will visit Anfield on Sunday (3/10/2021) night WIB tomorrow.  City certainly can't think it will be that easy to repeat last February's big win.

 Moreover, their performance at the beginning of this season is still up and down.  Evidently they have just lost 0-2 to Paris Saint-Germain, after last week beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge with a score of 1-0.

 Even though he will face intimidation by Liverpool supporters, Guardiola does not seem worried and believes his team can handle the pressure.

 He was instead happy to see a big game like Liverpool vs Man City filled with spectators.

 "It's not about intimidation. It's about the quality of the opponents. When you don't win, it's because they are very good. We tried to win, with or without the fans. But we won last season," Pep Guardiola was quoted as saying by ESPN.

 "I'm very happy that Anfield can be full again and we can play there. It's great to see the fans back and we can enjoy the amazing atmosphere there," he continued.

 "Hopefully we can handle it well. I'm sure the players prefer to play at Anfield when there are fans."

 "I don't know the exact reason why we didn't win 18 years there. For five years here, it's because they are an extraordinary team."

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