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 Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN take black hat SEO terribly seriously and penalize individuals and sites concerned during this. The below points ought to be avoided and should not be done at any price,

Cloaking : Fooling search engines is understood as cloaking. It means that showing one thing to your guests whereas showing one thing else to the search engines is understood as cloaking.

Duplicate Contents : Few websites create duplicate contents everywhere their site. this suggests they post same contents on over one page. They follow this SEO trick simply to enhance their alexa rank. however keep in mind, search engines ban these sites. Never ever post or use same contents twice.

Auto Generated Contents : Never ever use scripts or software's to write down for you. this can be even worse than having duplicate contents. typically we tend to copy and post someone’s contents in our blog. however there are few scripts and software's accessible that may rewrite the copied contents. {they create|they create} few changes here and there and make them seem like a replacement one. however search engines are pretty sensible in pointing them.

Adding Keywords not associated with Your Contents : Meta Keywords are just like the address of your home. It tells the search engines what's your post regarding. And hence meta words play a awfully important role in search engine indexing. Few individuals use an equivalent keyword persistently thinking that search engines can place a lot of importance into it. however the search engines don’t assume within the method you are doing. Never use same keyword over once.

Hide Texts : Never ever hide your keywords. this will be done by creating the text and background color same. In SEO term it’s known as keyword stuffing or font matching. Few individuals additionally create tiny fonts that can’t be scan and place their keywords there. however search engine robots are scripted well to seek out them.

Title Stacking : Be specific. don't use over one title per page. Few individuals use over one titles per page to induce higher ranking in search results. however this can be the foremost stupid plan ever.

Doorway Pages : Doorway pages are the doorway pages to your website. Search engine Bots can return once, can fall in your trick, can ban you and can never revisit to your website for indexing. So, it’s higher to be real. don't show one {thing} and then gift another thing. watch out for those affiliate pages and take care whereas doing business with them. plenty of affiliates use doorway pages which could land you in hassle.

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