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Too Popular, Squid Game Becomes the Talk of North Korea

Too Popular, Squid Game Becomes the Talk of North Korea - The popularity of the Netflix series, Squid Game is so global that it is now being used as propaganda material in North Korea.

 The country, which has been ravaged by civil war with South Korea, is known to use the survival drama as a bad example of capitalism.

 This is at the same time cornering the people and government of the country of ginseng who apply this liberal economic model in their country.

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 Quoted from The Washington Post page, Squid Game is said to describe the stellar and cruel nature of South Korean society.

 Similar to the games in this series, the system adopted by the country is also said to be able to destroy humans with extreme competition.

 "The Squid Game reflects an unequal society where the strong exploit the weak."

 That's the statement contained in one of the uploads on the official website of the North Korean Government.

 This nine-episode series tells of a survival game played by a group of people.

 The contestants risk their lives to win large sums of money to pay off debts and other necessities of life.

 In the process, most of the contestants died horribly because they lost the game.

 Squid Game is the most popular show in 90 countries, says Netflix.

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 Author: Sekar Langit Nariswari |  Editor: Glori K. Wadrianto

 In the plot, this game is watched by a number of rich people as mere entertainment.

 Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk admits that his show was so successful because of its relatability to the public.

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 Many feel that they have suffered a similar fate, especially with regard to financial difficulties, income inequality, and the difficulty of finding work.

 Previously, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had openly declared South Korean pop culture and entertainment to be a malignant cancer.

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