This is the culprit in the price of HP until the laptop is in danger of rising

The scarcity of chips has been a headache for HP, laptop and automotive companies in the world for a long time. However, it seems that this condition

 The scarcity of chips has been a headache for HP, laptop and automotive companies in the world for a long time.  However, it seems that this condition will not be resolved, it could even get worse and make the price of laptops so that the price of smartphones is threatened to rise.  What caused it?

 The Chinese government initially tried to strictly monitor energy use in order to reduce emissions.  However, it led to a shortage of silicon production needed to make computer chips.

 The scarcity of fuel causes the silicon production to be disrupted.  The reason is that several large factories have stopped their operations because the price of coal fuel, which is considered the source of pollution, is getting higher.  China has declared carbon-free by 2060, but its implementation has caused chaos.

 There has been a drastic cut in silicon production in China.  In fact, the elements that are actually abundant from Earth are important for producing technology that is used daily such as smartphones, cars and laptops.

 Silicon is used in making semiconductors for cellphone and smartphone chips and four-wheeled vehicles, so they are the ones most affected.  "Increasing demand due to the global pandemic and energy crisis means that silicon shortages are inevitable," said Seda Memik, Professor of Computers at Northwester University.

 Apple is already feeling the impact.  One of Apple's key chip suppliers, Taiwan-based TSMC, has reportedly raised component prices due to the shortage of silicon, which has the potential to increase prices for iPhones and other Apple products or delay production.

 The same is true in the computer industry.  "The PC industry continues to be plagued by supply and logistics challenges and unfortunately this issue has not seen much progress in recent months," said Jitesh Ubrani, researcher at IDC.

 Glenn O'Donnell, research director at market research firm Forrester Research, said the shortage of chips due to supply constraints resulted in higher prices that producers needed to absorb or pass on to consumers.  This is likely to happen next year.

 "They have to raise prices because supply prices are also going up. This is a shortage of chips. It's a classic problem of supply and demand," O'Donnell was quoted as saying by The CIO Dive.

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