12 Ways to Create the Easiest SEO Friendly Articles For Beginners

 As a business person who has a website, you need to understand the importance of an article content to tell the product, service, brand, or service that you have prepared for your loyal customers.  So that articles on your website are easily found on crawler engines, you must know how to make SEO friendly articles that you can try.

 Why Should Articles SEO Friendly?

 Why should articles be SEO friendly?  Because many or not people read your article really depends on the quality of the article and the info included in that article.

 Of course you want articles on your business website to be special on Google search pages.  Articles that have a good status in the Google SERP will obviously be crowded and read, especially if the article is informative and according to the needs of internet users, in this case there are definitely people who have the opportunity to become your loyal customers.

 Creating an article that has many readers is definitely not an easy thing.  There are many things that you need to recognize in article writing techniques so that the article is not only good, but also contains special keywords that many people are looking for.

 Writing SEO Friendly Articles

 Simply put, as a content writer, you are required to be able to create articles that are widely discussed by people, and have good quality in Google search results.  By paying attention to prospective keywords to note, people will easily find your article.

 Here are some easy guidelines for making SEO friendly articles that you can try to apply to your latest writing.

 1. Choosing the Right Keywords

 When you start writing SEO articles, the first thing you should think about is keyword selection.  This not only helps you get writing ideas, but it can also be used to generate more traffic to your website.  Therefore, you must be able to create articles using keywords that are trending or much sought after.  Avoid creating articles with information or keywords that are out of date or don't even have the same search.

 2. Choose the Most Searched Topic

 Similar to choosing keywords, selecting information that is widely discussed in cyberspace is also important.  Reviewing an info that is needed by several people is of particular value in your article.  Crawler engines like Google also like articles that can answer the needs of their users.  This will give your article a great chance to be referenced in search results.

 3. Write Read Friendly Articles

 Besides being SEO friendly, the articles you make must also be human friendly.  The goal is that your writing is not only friendly to crawlers like Google, but enjoyable to read by web visitors.  Therefore, you need to pay attention to the accuracy in making articles so that they comply with the writing rules and provide comfort to the reader when reading the article.

 In order to improve the quality of the writing, you need the contribution of an editor to check the article.  So, before you publish, make sure someone else checks the article first.

 4. Choose a Relevant Title

 The title of the article is an important key to whether or not the article is interesting to read.  Therefore, you need to pay more attention to the use of article titles and make interesting article titles, which can pique the curiosity of readers.

 The requirements for making an attractive title include: briefly visualizing the content of the article, informing important information that readers may need, creating curiosity, provoking curiosity, and so on.

 5. Create External and Internal Links

 Using internal and external links on articles is highly recommended.  The two links have an impact on the SEO performance of your writing, especially when it has been circulated on the site.

 Internal links can help readers find other information on your site related to the topic of the article they are reading.  While external links are usually used to show recommendations that you use when writing or quoting information.

 6. Writing Point of View

 The keywords you use when creating an SEO article give it a broad mind.  In making SEO articles, you must use other ideas from other parties so that what you write is really the result of your writing, not the result of copy-pasting.

 7. Writing Structure Must Be Clear

 Creating a clear and orderly arrangement of articles will make it easier for readers to find what they are looking for.  When the article has been published on the website, this arrangement can be in the form of headings, subheadings, or H1 - H6 sequentially in the article.

 8. Article Length

 The length of the article that you record is a minimum of about 500 words with dense information, but still easy for readers to process.  At that time, you can also create a longer article according to the needs and information you want to provide to web readers.  The normal standard of article length can't really be defined in a precise way, but this depends on the need.  But for good, the length of the article should be between 500 words to 1000 words.

 9. Interesting opening sentence

 In addition to creating a title that can attract the attention of the reader, the opening side of the article must also be noted as attractive as possible.  That is, so that readers see the title and opening side, readers are more curious about your article, then they decide to read the article to the end.

 10. Strive for Short Paragraphs

 The use of paragraphs that are too long can lead to boredom for the reader.  It would be nice if you make articles with fast paragraphs, between 5 to 6 lines.

 11. Relevant and Specific Articles

 The articles that you make must be equally related between sentences and paragraphs, so that they are easy to read and the information said is still relevant.  Creating complete and detailed articles will be loved by readers

 12. Share Articles

 Lastly, promote your article.  Steps to promote articles can be by sharing article links to all social media that you have.  Besides that, you can also use Facebook ads, Google ads, or other types of digital ads to reach more readers.

 Those are ways to make SEO articles that you can try and apply to your latest writing from now on.  Hopefully useful.

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