Vehicle Insurance (Basic Training)

talk about motor vehicle insurance Ladies and gentlemen, what is vehicle insurance?

 motor vehicle insurance one type of insurance provide protection against good motor vehicle two-wheeled motorized and motorized vehicles four-wheeled car yes pick-up truck that is is a four-wheeled motorized vehicle and for two wheels we can cover it motorbike Yes, both big motorbikes and normal motorcycle actitud Enter in motor vehicle insurance now in insurance there is a price insurance, the price of this meeting is the designated price or price determined to determine one insurance premium value insured price This is usually based on the fixed price driving is how we determine the Premium or when the costs are must be paid to buy the product Easy insurance from premium rates multiplied by the sum insured what I said earlier was for calculate the premium so the premium is the formula is Prime equal to price coverage multiplied by the rate The premium is the premium rate,
 actually there is already a mother and father there is already a reference that is, through kykx you can see there the premium rates by category the price of the vehicle is the price of the vehicle that's how much the premium rate is how much did he enter which region is it all already there so it's very easy for us for motor vehicle insurance, namely: let's see the premium table there, really easy so we can determine the price this type of area is this premium That's how big it is. 

Well, that's to count premium rate Hi, I also said that earlier regarding the insured price based on market price, yes, ladies and gentlemen, be in us insure that one vehicle we are suggest using the market price where this price is not higher than market price or not too low compared to the market price Why sir Mother Because the insurance company will compensate for the loss, namely based on market prices, for example, the market price of the car is Rp. 100, okay, let's go can you give 10% tolerance we can cover is 110000000 or 90000000 Why because it depends for example from the condition of the vehicle itself is getting the condition of the car is good of course the price higher So what's the correlation? the correlation is at the time of compensation Yes if we insure it with higher value over Honestly, the loss is on the holder insurance of course he will pay higher premium due to price the coverage is higher but if the price is below the market price it will under insured nah this is one the provisions of our insurance cannot be also insure below market price what is the loss when we insure below the market price it will be hit under insured clause What is the value replacement, that is, it will be farmed proportional or average, 

for example I give an example of a car for Rp. 100, the price the market is then insured only 50 million ladies and gentlemen, of course the difference is very far 50% this is not allowed if it still applies 50 million then compensation is 50/100 multiplied the loss will certainly be very detrimental and for the policyholder that's it huh oh yes continue Then for insurance the vehicle has its name at its own risk or erya we often know him by designation or What is own risk risk itself is a certain amount of money or a certain amount of costs that must be borne by the policyholder the purpose What is the purpose so that from this policy holder has warnings have a sense of awareness to keep this vehicle is well that's usually the 

minimum amount is 300,000 so every times there is a claim for example one incident 300,000 that is a burden to be borne by the customer himself we need to know again is about guarantee yes guarantee in insurance motorized vehicles are very simple because motor vehicle insurance is wrong one product that is easy to sell easy to understand debt guarantee is comprehensive and total loss only Then Mr. Mother for guarantee expansion Now it's called expansion guarantee it certainly must be purchased after guarantee the base or main guarantee is purchased First, the main guarantee is comprehensive and total loss guarantee What are your expansions? third party legal liability exists riot guarantee natural disaster guarantee earthquake, flood, for example, there is a guarantee personal accident has medical guarantee expenses and legal responsibilities towards passengers like from I convey the guarantee of this expansion can be purchased as an optional as complementary to the previous main guarantee  

Mr. Mrs. Yes, then I want to explain a little about the guarantee total loss only, there were two things that happened covered in a total loss guarantee only that is a guarantee of loss guarantee for loss of vehicle or stolen so when the car was stolen and in 60 days not found is included in the stolen guarantee or guarantee the second is damage above 75% So, what is 75 percent of it, ladies and gentlemen? 75 percent of the current market price before that happened. So you need Mr Mother understands 75 percent not from 75% initial price but from the current price what happened to the lizard comprehensive guidance, snacks comprehensive or linguistically Indonesian we can translate combined reflection, combined reflection This covers the risk, for example The dented beret rolled over, chat actions someone else, where is the damage? below 75% it goes into the reflection comprehensive it continues then moreover which is covered in snacks comprehensive fire was also covered tobacco on the vehicle the burning why is this what is the cause of the fire guaranteed by an insurance policy Indonesian motorized vehicles Well first fire due to a strike from an object something else that's close later burned. Well, we can cover it up fire due to lightning strike Yes fire due to house or object being near it can we burn cover continues then damage too For example, damage caused by Officers fire extinguisher fire, for example, he step on that car to do fire fighting can also covered because of its nature as prevention yes to prevent from risk the bigger one is on the cover damage due to water for example us put out the fire that grabbed our car use a fire extinguisher then the water or the extinguisher light fire We also cause damage cover especially father and mother when the car we are in the conveyance yes on the ship here we want to cross from Merak to Bakauheni, right? Now, it's under the service Land Transportation is damaged vehicle as long as the vehicle is being transported under the office of the Director General of Land Transportation it is covered by a comprehensive guarantee Yes, if the Director General of Sea 

Transportation not covered, what else do you need we consider, for example, the damage that caused by an accident, for example because the car broke down, yes. So there is transportation costs, for example, the car had a radiator collision so the car broke down, so the car need to be taken to the workshop, then he is rent a tow car, yes, the tow fee its a reasonable cost to transport a car it's from the location incident to the workshop or to a place that safe it is replaced by guarantee this comprehensive with maximum value 0.5% of tsi yes 0.5% of price vehicle

 covered example 100000000 0.5% 500,000 continue especially this Mr. and Mrs what we need to know is the exception of Mr. Mother, for example things what is excluded is also necessary Ladies and gentlemen we know yes we don't can I say earlier? we can't say it's always if the original is translated literally all risk means no one is excluded But father mother It turns out that there are exceptions according to the police sign for the vehicle backpack motorized Indonesia, this is what we need know what father and mother are excluded the first one that vehicle used improperly for example the vehicle is used to push to and others pull other vehicles continuously to learn to drive for example because car used for studying driving is certainly a higher risk Well, this is not covered for the parade for a race like that yes for a demo like that yes or to do criminal acts, for example extreme is certainly not guaranteed that is the first exception Well what else here's the second exception is fraud this embezzlement and hypnosis is a thing which we think is a difficult thing to prove it's fraud, embezzlement and hypnosis What's the difference, for example? 

 fraud we meet someone at the toll rest area then we know We are invited to drink and we are given medicine go to sleep then the car is taken blurring is one example this is a fraud not covered in hypnotic insurance, for example, we are in the lamp is that red?
 more pat on the shoulder we are hypnotized we give up our car too not covered Why was it because it was difficult for proof of fraud, embezzlement and embezzlement hypnosis What is an example? the car was taken away by the driver huh This also not covered because of what Because we should hire a driver or people under the supervision of Gita it's a person we know when the person takes action crime took our car away for example it is certainly not transferred because it was once again difficult to proven Well, especially Mr. Mother for the exception is the evil deed done by the person inside Our supervision is like before I say for example an accident by our driver continues then this car ruined by people we know the person is working with us or for example our own family, right? 

 For example, people with our permission we use this please use the car finally here he commits a crime and then the car breaks down, it's us too not cover or for example one company yes Where is the car used by his achievements or your employees the car is experiencing damage caused by self-destruction the staff or employee is a researcher from the cover, the other thing is For example, it's overloaded so when the car is for example the Avanza car the capacity is 7/8 people, when the car is it is used by 10 people or more Of course it will be overloaded of course will cause the condition of the vehicle to unstable and accidents can occur So, what's more, Mr. Mother, when we transporting goods or for example we bring our pets in our car then the animal is an example Let's say the cat scratched our seat there is our sport broken, right, that is too it's not covered, just keep it then save he or any object yasachai water thing liquid in the car or outside the vehicle or outside our car the one that caused the damage wasn't covered What is our car for example transporting perfume liquid or liquid keep on hard then spill on to our car dashboard has experienced the damage is certainly not mixed continuously let alone natural disasters, yes, then the riots were not covered unless he buys an expansion guarantee it's just covered, huh?

 earlier, it was optional. What's next again yes nuclear war that is not cover because of what Because in general this is a disaster or something It's unpredictable, everything's war that kind of thing is already exceptions generally violate the law is not covered For example, what driving does not have SIM certainly violates the law Traffic, yes, it was not granted Hi, then go through the red light these are examples yes me give through that red light violate traffic laws park under the no parking sign then the car disappeared too not covered, keep driving vehicle under the influence of alcohol For example, if he is drunk, he drives a car there was an accident that was also not in cover Mr. Mrs. yes enter the road verboden yes, basically everything violate traffic laws violates that other law not covered because of what Because on In principle, this insurance respects other laws So we too must go hand in hand the other laws Well moreover, this is Mr. Mother who is not in cover, for example, car BPKB or STNK the car was lost, 

the lawsuit was not filed cover continues then damage to additional equipment, now this is important Ladies and gentlemen additional equipment he additional equipment is equipment added for insured yes this must be listed in the policy if it is not listed in the policy, additional equipment it's not covered by insurance What is an example of a v-kool window film? yes, that is an example of equipment additional audio tab for example he already modified racing wheels for example or then the front horns the back horns That's right. Well, it's an accessory, isn't it? or those accessories if not listed in the policy Can we don't cover the loss due to income when our car experiences the accident was not covered, for example Here's our customer's car going to the workshop for seven days so that for seven that day he had to take the prophet's taxi the action verse can't be covered by insurance company now more or less like

 that Mr. Mother so there are things what we glue pay attention to exceptions things not covered by my insurance company will try continue about the expansion guarantee ya one of them just came for the umm party the third one basically covers two material demits and bodily injury over others for signs from people another material for the example of our car crash into other people's land or property other people who are both bodily injury when our car hits someone For example, crossing the street result in injury or even death including the cost of your case Mom, we only cover this case 10% from the limit tjh yes tea or responsibility third party legal responsibility exists the limit, for example, is 10 million people usually buy for insurance 10 million for example or 20000107 it is 10% so we cover for example claims from the third party cause us Hey guys come in or sit in court and we solve legally nah the fee is ten percent what we the cover of the Teja limit earlier ah expansion guarantee regarding the Teja who second is the melee yes guarantee on zuhara For example there is a riot there the group of brawlers entered in in the reflection of the chaos, well continue Natural disaster Mr. Mother natural disaster too can we over insurance for complete our vehicle insurance Natural disasters are floods, yes floods is it caused by a flood or puddle water or water dementia damage due to the water is covered in the guarantee flood yes typhoon yes Somya storm flood damage because the water enters in in a flood snack and it's covered in in the reflection of fasting, it was there earlier earthquakes, earthquakes are also covered Here's the earthquake, the tsunami, yes, it's in into the earthquake network in Hi, natural disaster guarantees are divided in two the earthquakes and floods continue, 

let alone Ladies and gentlemen we can cover inside satisfaction guarantee is a guarantee personal accident or personal accident This provides a guarantee if the driver or the passenger is injured body or even death Yes risk And there is a risk that B will die and be disabled still yes including there is a fee treatment or medical expansion it the value is 10% of the personal limit the accident, Mr. and Mrs. need note that personal accident or personal accident covered here is attached to the vehicle So if the passenger or driver had an accident in the vehicle was just covered in personal accident insurance is not where only but must the vehicle or the occurrence the accident on the vehicle Mr Mom what else do we need to learn or we understand about insurance motorized vehicles of course we want know how we sell vehicles the motor so that the results are good so that the results are good, of course we must take into account the risks we have to pay attention so we can determine what business premium rates are can we take business what not can we take it we can see from the condition of the car is physical hazard like what or from the insured candidate we are our customers who is the moral hazard what is it like?

 So, we need this continue to study men Then Mr Mom talking about insurance is talk about service problems, that's what I did tell when we buy one the item we get the item we can see and can feel but three when we buy a product insurance, the proof is on when it's clean Mr. Mrs. Yes as long as it's not there is a clamp in one of our services it is possible to issue a policy that That's fast, right? But if we talk insurance insurance problem is this good or whether or not is based on service the glue Now talking about claims, there are three yes so it's very simple it's like with The main guarantee is the damage claim partially yes or partial Los this damage below 75% Mother Continues that then second is glue total loss or constructive total loss or us familiar with CTL, please set this damage above 75% and the third is total damage or loss For example, stolen so there are only three for the type of vehicle claim, OK, sir Mother Thank you. That's all the explanation from me about motor vehicle insurance yes stay healthy and success for all of us thank you yes

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