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Simple Blogger Tutorial - Google has already made pop culture different broadly and rapidly in the grip of the internet.  Just watch YouTube, with this service everyone can create the content they want in their own stream.

 There are several steps to show your content and gain a positive reputation on the internet.  And Google, through Google's Head of Communication and YouTube Indonesia, gave him tips so he can achieve success on the internet.

 1. Be Real

 Be the real you as long as you wrestle in the internet world.  Based on the results of a Google search, it was found that the five people most searched for on Google were several YouTubers.

 Some of these YouTubers can even conquer the reputation of Hollywood artists like Jennifer Lawrence and Katy Perry.  What makes these YouTubers able to conquer the reputation of popular artists?  Remember that they are just ordinary people and not celebrities.

 One answer from Putri is to try to show your true personality.  The dissimilarity between YouTubers and other celebrities is that YouTubers act like ordinary people, so that citizens can witness themselves to some YouTubers.

 2. No Adherence to Existing Provisions.

 Be flexible.  You can't follow some of the rules that were originally there.  By 'breaking' the provisions, Putri explains that you can be different from some people in general.  This is also what wants to make you stand out in the crowd.

 3. Using all the resources you have.

 Use all of your resources to optimize your business in the world of the internet.  Mobile phones, the internet, and social media will help in achieving success and success in today's era of the internet.

 4. No Fear. It doesn't work.

 If it doesn't work, it doesn't mean all your efforts are over.  Unlike conditions in the past, now because of the presence of the internet, you can fix your failures more easily.

 "If the ads you put on the internet don't attract a lot of people's attention, you can modify the ads and upload them back on the internet again and again until you get the audience's attention," said Putri.

 According to the most recent survey conducted by Google, Indonesia is the country with the most internet users in Southeast Asia.  Cellphone users in Indonesia themselves have experienced an increase of up to 50%.

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