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 An auto insurance company guarantees people to buy the car of their choice and enjoy driving every time they wish.  There are many car insurance companies around the world, but when it comes to the names of some of the best car insurance companies in America, here are the top 10 best car insurance companies in America, you can freely choose one of them.

 10. Erie Insurance Group:

 The Erie Insurance Group was founded in 1925 and is the most reliable auto insurance company in America.  The company has received an operating license from the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance and offers clients a variety of debt, life insurance, auto insurance and home insurance.

 9. State Farm Insurance:

 the State Farm Insurance is in Bloomington, Illinois.  It is highly ranked and the best auto insurance company in America.  The company was founded in 1922 and George J. Mecherle is the founder of the company.  State Farm Insurance has more than 18,000 agents working in parts of the United States and Canada.

 8. Liberty Mutual:

 The Liberty Mutual is an ancient American auto insurance company, working since 1912. It is the best and most trusted auto insurance company in America.  Cooperative staff will offer clients with several insurance services and ideas for choosing the insurance they want.

 7. Allstates:

 Allstate is not only an auto insurance company, but also one of the best traded companies from the USA.  This insurance started to work since 1913. With various branches spread throughout America and Canada, this insurance agent can work with more than 20,000 agents and 500 sub-offices.

 6. AAA:

 AAA was founded in 1904. It has more than 2,000 agents working in America, Canada and parts of Europe.  This auto insurance company provides loyal customers with several insurance plans and plans.  Then you can freely choose the best idea for your vehicle according to your expected budget and wishes.

 5. Auto Owners Insurance:

 Auto Owners Insurance is the most important auto company based in the United States.  It has sub-divisions in more than 27 American states.  This car insurance company specializes in car insurance, business insurance and home insurance services.  This insurance provides clients with individual injury insurance and accident insurance packages.

 4. Metlife Insurance:

 Metlife Insurance is a New York based company.  The company provides flexible insurance plans to loyal customers and has more than 23,000 agents working in various parts of America and Europe.

 3. Geico:

 Geico started work in 1942. It is a semi-government insurance company founded by Leo and Lillian Goodwin.  This insurance has a lot of insurance ideas and services by offering flexible premiums for clients.

 2. Amica Quality Insurance:

 Amica Quality Insurance is widely decided by some Americans to acquire auto and home insurance.  The company began operations in 1907 and covers a wide range of individuals, commercial services and mortgages.  It is a popular and most important insurance company with 40 sub-offices in several parts of America.

 1. Nationwide Quality Insurance Company:

 The National Quality Insurance Company is a company based in Columbus, Ohio.  The company started its operations in 1926 and offers a variety of premium and debt packages and discounted insurance plans to clients.

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