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in the world in many countries in pakistan we will compare pakistan with other countries so before starting our video if you have not subscribed to ou the world in many countries in pakistan we will compare pakistan with other countries so before starting our video if you have not subscribed to our channel yet please subscribe and press the button to receive content from our site so let's start the video first we will talk about lines  accident but what is it?

 What are the main functions? The main characteristics of these lines are what are the jobs of these lines?  means what they do if an accident occurs personal injury liar is a liar who provides legal services to those who claim to have been physically or psychologically injured

 as a result of negligence of government companies other people agencies or private entities any personal injury lawyers especially practice in the field of law known as means they know how to deal with accidents that occur between two cars between two motorbikes between a car and a motorbike because they study them they  have studied this things before so uh if an accident happened in a country what would they do it was good to call a liar for that accident it was good to call the police for them an accident or how the accident could happen was handled without a liar or with a liar so we  going to move in that direction now our first tip why should i rent a los angeles car?

 accident lawyers now if this means that in los angeles a car accident happened what what would they do if you lost a loved one or suffered a very serious injury mean if you lose someone's life if you have if you are injured in the seat if you are in  serious condition in a car accident due to another driver's carelessness you have the right to hold the driver responsible for or his actions car los angeles accident liars can't keep things as they were before the accident but we can help compensate you for terrible unexpected losses  manufacturing cost means they will discuss these things and will solve your problem

 So it's about losing an excellent alternative angeles car right?  now if we move to the other side and we are talking about the traffic police of pakistan if you call the traffic police in pakistan or in some other country besides the usa or in any other country if you call the traffic police they might come to the conclusion that means an accident happened

 you lost something you have to make it right for yourself right if you run away you will recover personally i would never do that means this person said i would never do that would satisfy my cons my conscience and i can never  to my apologies especially if someone will get hurt now second best option is best option is to seek it out with other people involved calm down talk to them with respect and dignity and everything usually goes well now these are the main line main words here

 what you should do if a correction occurs you have to talk to the other person in the right way in the right language neither code nor get angry but respectfully show some respect to them and if you start thinking something out with someone else first clear the way with  right don't start arguing halfway it affects a lot of people right too try and show it ever means you have to go the right way if you have to do the task if you have

 means you have to resolve this issue with dignity in the right way proper and beautiful and good language now if someone is hurt or good for or god forbid death the best thing will call the police better deal with it now than later now if you lose if someone loses  life or if someone loses his lover what you have to do now his best option is to call the police.

 even though they will solve your problem because they know the law how to deal with a problem how to solve an issue anyways anyways stay blessed now and uh if you we are moving towards single peeling the same in pakistan what is that?  yes the police show up drawing a map and tell me whose fault it is now again in a moment the main steps that the police will solve this problem they will draw a map and will show you who fart was it me who farted then challan escaped for the accident and left now

 if you lose your life in that accident what should you do you have to call the police who solve it will issue so there is a short video about car accident if a car accident happens in a country what should they do just call the police to solve the problem and if you don't  call the police out of a short accident you have to solve the same problem among yourselves

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