How to Claim Scratched Collision, Lost Allrisk & TLO Car Insurance so that the claim is not rejected Hi this time I want to share experience How easy it is to do Flag vehicle insurance as well as what are the steps so that when we insurance conflict is not rejected

first Is insurance all risk or continue to be comprehensive What is insurance only teemu is borne nah if the insurance is only Telo who is borne means the business can be fast Blend when there is loss or happen

large to include structural damage about 50% or 70% this depends on the insurance rule itself can be 50% damage has been covered by Telo Also the new one after 70% has just been covered

 serum Well if the insurance is Polres or the principle includes including vehicle insurance itself when there is an accident prepared green it can usually be covered continuously other than it is also

 usually added TDA that is coverage for every third so when it involves other people it can we hit the vacuum of these people too can we insure or we kletek together with our car and also including then earlier at the beginning So if

please that means it's complete watching How to report an insurance claim that is, first of all we have to prepare the requirements first are the conditions required for insurance claims normally is the first ID card then Hi, valid Sim then STNK

continue the insurance policy, the conditions this must be brought when we want make an insurance claim after Those requirements are meaningful we just take it to the office pillow insurance to make a Report or make an insurance claim Well for that usually we have to bring a vehicle we apart from Union age 41 for conducted a survey So that when clamping this we do not experience rejection or our glue is helped

 which needs to be confirmed before we go wait for the flat insurance is to make sure the driver's license is even I don't have it, it's still happening, isn't it? if here is no need for me automatic usually Premier insurance rejected, then how about this, for example when it happened we are muslims, it turns out we are check around dead well think it's good if the sim later we will extend the SIM Facebook only then we do claim insurance after getting a new driver's license then there are others who don't have a SIM

suppose the exact scene from friends have a third car there is a Sim if you no SIM So it doesn't mean no can clamp but you have to borrow a SIM a friend or sim team is a neighbor or the sim next to the main one has see Well after you have got your sim go to insurance

just the one you borrowed earlier Later at the time of reporting the report or insurance claim you have to say that at the time of the incident that brought car or driving a car is

the person who owns here just appeared we borrow it to be deep the report was as if that one and not us but the one who had a vision be the second to make an insurance claim you are not rejected

 you should know is to study again the contract that is in the insurance policy rules there we should read it is known Suppose there is one rule where when it happened we experience a stimulant of consciousness now we want to claim that we watch Hi report it max is 5 days

up to seven days so it depends insurance and its respective rules Well if for example like this today happened here it's past our seven days If you don't report, you can claim insurance borne will also be rejected then what about when it happened later? that we are busy And maybe colleagues long enough to pass the maximum limit determined by insurance the way is just like this when you have time to fight insurance Fame

When provide incident reports you can make a report that it happened is just yesterday just the arena then stir so then the promise doesn't exceed Hi the day or time specified by insurance into three, we are the only ones left it's important to report head that it just happened yesterday like that so that insurance joins is not below that third in Slank for healthy

 or third final coverage Now so entry increases every three already I discussed at the beginning but I'll repeat again it's as if something like this happened to us people's car crashes are very popular the person is broken, how is it?

Can we clamp as well as insurance? what we have or not Well this can So the car we hit earlier can we clean together with the car we will claim insurance amazed when an accident occurs involves a third party, there are conditions the addition that has been completed is us special police certificate maker first the second We should too make or we ask the party what we hit was a laptop for a letter demands to claim the attraction so after these 2 letters there is us

make an insurance claim to the insurance company if these requirements are not second Happy then Lex insurance is also rejected which fourth now is How do slime is covered for sure if we have an incident, for example a car we are lost and we want to claim There are additional requirements for this insurance i.e. we have to release the letter information from the police that into we really clear hold the second Come on we also have to make sure that This missing vehicle is because of rented or not because it was lent

with so I have a car partially I lent calm, carried away by my friend, if something like this happens insurance will refuse because here not pure lost but there is an element intentional or to us knowing it that this car is used by a special we can't say this car is lost So apart from the police certificate usually the one that will be surveyed again is STNK if the car is really until usually the senka is still there but if you take it away, it's a movie to rent

lost the car there will be no stnk usually and also the tent is fujixerox spare key usually there are two of them so for glue lost both but there must be brought at the time of the report if no doesn't mean it doesn't meet the fifth requirement is insurance can rejected this way we want stick citrus vandalism insurance claim will sound caused by the addition of accessories from the standard spin us install the roof rack, enlarge it like the picture this is it when we fill it up

the above items above are broken Turns out things fell on Capuchins may get dented or glass it will break if we glue events like this is a possibility or maybe even 99% of that insurance will also be rejected So if you experience something

 like this very often we have installed a roof rack usually carry a lot of things with you Yes, we are going home again or going home that village keeps happening things I don't want the item to fall nah the next day we want to spam insurance, ok?

If the accessories or damaged earlier we tried our bodies let go and then we make a report that this is damage isn't it because the suit fell from the item that's what's on the car but maybe it could be that the tile is out or coconut unit or something anyway smart smart friends just to make a lot of reports Hi so as if below Rin unintentional accident

how do we choose the right insurance ok Well, which one for insurance? good or the best this is actually I can't mention insurance MIPA but what to consider by friends is when you have

insurance is to make sure you choose insurance in collaboration with the tourist workshop to official workshop so when we claim insurance can be ensured that that covervil spare part really is the original from the VAT company Can you separate the dent in your house? hi eh if insurance or repair shop for An authorized not an official workshop it's usually we dent or help it affixed or more keep that mecyx the term is right, but if it's in the workshop or reskin from its ancient signature structure China, the roof is original. Then if there is a tear or a hole Maybe

 it's okay can the perpetrator be replaced with a new one? chat again, not updated anymore, save it could be that it was quickly replaced so whatever the insurance, try this insurance in collaboration with official workshops or clutch pedal

Hello, the test earlier we discussed How how to get rid of insurance We also have the conditions delivered a call determined by insurance it will be rejected too we have already discussed and I also add how choose good insurance.

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