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simple blogger tutorial- Cryptocurrency investment is currently a prima donna.  However, there are still many who do not know what strategies need to be applied in order to make a profit through crypto investments, for example by investing in Bitcoin.

  Especially considering that cryptocurrency is one of the most volatile assets when compared to other risky assets, such as stocks and gold as quoted from Forbes.  The price of crypto assets is considered volatile depending on supporting sentiment, for example because of Elon Musk's Twitter tweets, the adoption of crypto payments in several trading platform companies, and the regulatory influence of a country's monetary authority which can cause crypto prices to fall or vice versa.

  However, regardless of unexpected price changes, investors can still bring in abundant cash as long as they know how to play.  CEO and co-founder of BRD Adam Traidman shares his secrets, one of which is using the dollar cost averaging strategy.

  "The dollar cost averaging (strategy) is quite reasonable, yes. If you pay in installments little by little every time, then in the long run it will bring good returns," said Traidman as quoted from the CNBC page.

  It is known that dollar cost averaging (DCA) is an investment method by buying crypto assets such as Bitcoin in a fixed amount and on a regular schedule, regardless of the asset price.  By buying regularly, you don't need to be afraid of investing in Bitcoin because the focus is on looking at long-term prospects.

  According to Traidman, buying little by little will help him avoid the risk of stress from thinking about the sudden ups and downs of digital money prices.  This investment strategy is considered suitable, especially for Ethereum and Bitcoin.

  "I don't bother thinking about Bitcoin's price going down. I believe its price performance will generate returns in the long term," he explained.

  In addition, dollar cost averaging or DCA is also considered safe compared to buying Bitcoin in lump sum quantities and can be adjusted to your investment capabilities.  Not only that DCA tactics are also effective in building your Bitcoin investment over time.

  For example, if you bought Bitcoin at the beginning of the year with US $ 120,000, when the price of Bitcoin was US $ 400 per 1 BTC.  That is, you get 300 Bitcoins.  At the end of the year there was a price increase to US$ 450. From this price increase, you get a profit of US$ 15,000.

  It's different if you apply the DCA method, namely by regularly buying Bitcoin for US $ 10,000 every month for 12 months.  With a fluctuating price, you can earn more Bitcoin when the price is down.  That is, with the same capital of US $ 120,000, the number of Bitcoins you have more is 320.78 Bitcoins assuming the average price is in the range of US $ 379.16 per 1 BTC.

  After calculating at the end of the year your total assets are worth 320.78 x US$ 450 = US$ 144,352.  So that the profit obtained is US $ 24,352.  Or 7% more than buying directly at one time.

  For those of you who are still beginners, you can start using the DCA strategy in investing in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.  Now, you can invest in crypto easily because Luno Indonesia already exists, which is one of the first crypto buying and selling applications in Indonesia.

  Luno Indonesia provides access to make it easier for you to get crypto assets instantly without hidden fees at a low fee of 0.75%.  You don't even need a big capital to buy it because Bitcoin can be bought for only Rp. 25 thousand.

  In addition, Luno Indonesia also has various payment options to make it easier for you to make deposits and withdrawals quickly.  You can also set up automatic bitcoin purchases by activating the Repeat Buy feature.

  Currently Luno Indonesia is holding an "Invest Crypto" program which is a special bonus for routine purchases of crypto assets (DCA).  By joining the program, you have the opportunity to get an immediate bonus of up to IDR 1 million every week.  Come on, start investing now!

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