Wow! 2 billion Google Chrome users are at risk of being robbed by hackers

  Chrome has a vulnerability that threatens more than 2 billion users.  This information comes from Google, which uploaded information on the vulnerability on its official blog.

 Chrome is currently used 2.65 billion which means it is a very big target for hackers through this security hole.

 The company revealed the exploits 'zero day' Chrome's 11th this year.  The vulnerability with code CVE-2021-37973 affects Linux, macOS and Windows users.

 A 'zero day' classification means that hackers were able to exploit the vulnerability before Google released a fix.  This means it is far more dangerous than most security flaws.

 But Google also keeps the details about CVE-2021-37973 a secret.  The reason is in an effort to protect users and give them time to upgrade.

 The latest Zero-day is another 'USe-After-Free' (UAF) vulnerability.  Forbes notes this has been a useful avenue for hackers in recent months.  For example in September alone, 10 vulnerabilities ranked UAF Chrome high.

 For your information, the UAF vulnerability is a memory exploitation, where the program fails to clear the pointer to memory after it is freed.

 Google has also responded to this issue by rolling out a critical fix.  The tech giant also said all users will get it at the same time.

 Before that, to check if your Chrome is protected, go to Settings > Help > About Google.  If it says Chrome version 94.0.4606.61 or higher, it means you're safe.

 If an update is not yet available for the browser, then keep checking it regularly for the latest version.  If you can update, remember that Chrome must be restarted to apply the fix.

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