Six simple step making money with adsense

I got a call from an old friend, he tell me how the simple tips for adsense then I tell this six xtep to start and finished adsense . This is simple step that you need to expand by yourself , and believe me , making money with adsense is not hard as you think.

You must have a central keyword of your theme for your website or bog. That contains information and unique article that needed by your targeted visitor
From the keyword that you have , you can expand to rich similar keyword that still have a connection with main keyword , example : main keyword fishing , expanded keyword good fishing store , how to catch a big fish , fishing lure , etc
Iif you already have more than 30 unique contents ( all must contains quality information ) , then you can apply for adsense
put adsense ads on each content website page with a defined keyword theme
give a month to look what is the most viewed page by visitor , what is the most view information , than look at the keyword for that page , you will found what is the most important keyword of your page. Example : your website have a 40 content / page , page 1 = fishing , page 2 = how to fishing , page 3 = how to choose a great lure , page 4 = bla..bla….Then you found that page 3 has the most viewed by visitor , then you can continues expand the keyword of that page ” how to choose a great lure ” create new content with similar keyword like ” top ten lure for sea fishing ” . best lure for blue marlin fish” ,
Always update your content , make sure you give all news information for your visitor, make them love your site . Enjoy your adsense earning.
So Adsense is must try program , adsense will be fever at this year and next year , there will be more people success with adsense. the most based thing you must focus about is :

Unique content = must very useful and new information , you need to creative here , don’t copy other people contents , or you will get banned by google and your visitor never come back again
Adsense form / block ads = Based on your website form , include color of your ads , you can read my other tips about how to choosing the best ads form HERE
keep try to change your ads placement , you need to do this to make a fresh look of your website , to keep your visitor far from bored
use channel in every ads , so you can found what channel get more clicks , change to most clicked channel ads position .
visitor = more visitor means more click = means more earning and to get more visitor = make new content and promotion , this is the best to make money with adsense
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