How to Write "SEO Friendly" Content? - Simple Blogger Tutorial

How to Write “SEO Friendly” Content? boring questions and boring answers too. If you ask about tricks / tips for writing articles that are in accordan

How to Write “SEO Friendly” Content? boring questions and boring answers too. If you ask about tricks / tips for writing articles that are in accordance with SEO, the answer must be "make a quality blog post" blah..blah..blah.. but how?

Creating SEO friendly writing is very easy and not as difficult as you think. In the "Hummingbird" era, good and quality articles are the first step towards success, therefore, in order to be successful you must be good at writing articles and if you don't know how to better use SEO Copywriter services.

What to Pay Attention to When Creating Articles to Match Search Engine Optimization

  • Think about what the audience / potential readers of your article are asking
  • Create an article with answers
  • Make articles that haven't been published too much or use the right synonyms
  • Make sure each paragraph contains keywords and make it as short and concise as possible
  • Don't repeat keywords (keyword density) excessively but use synonyms to complete them
  • Insert “question mark” if necessary
  • Optimize media files (images)
  • Author
  • Precise metadata
  • the right keywords
  • Guanakan semantic keyword
  • Example:

    What if the title of your “post” is “How to Write “SEO Friendly” Content? then it can be synonymous with:

  • What's the way
  • What to make or make, make etc
  • Content becomes articles, writings, posts, etc
  • SEO friendly can be, search engine friendly, SE friendly, in accordance with SEO etc
  • Thus there is no need to write consecutive article titles in each paragraph.

    Write Relevant and Full SEO Meta Descriptions and Meta keywords

    We recommend that you complete each article with several headings such as: H1 for the title of the article, H2 and H3 for sub headings. Each heading is filled with the appropriate paragraph so that it is relevant between the Heading and the paragraph. Likewise, when filling in the meta description and keywords, you can fill it with headings that have been created because headings can be used as keywords.

    Insert images / images that match the article. The right way about this SEO image you can read my article entitled Optimizing Image Files.

    And the last one is about internal link bulding. Make each content link/connected via contextual link. There is no problem doing multiple internal link building as long as they are relevant to each other.

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