How to write a good article and insert your blog link to drive traffic

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Write an article on article directories site is great way to drive traffic, this is not secret anymore that all expert always use this way to drive quality traffic to their blog or site. If they can, why you don’t try it? Write an article on article directories is easy, just like write a post on your blog. You can write “how to” article, tips, information, new tools information, your recommended site, and many more.

The most important thing if you write an article is don’t forget to insert your blog link inside the article (you can learn the strategy to drive traffic from article directories HERE ) so you can drive traffic from your article reader. Here I got Email from about how to write good article and how to insert your blog link.

Here is the next edition of the Training Series: An Introduction To Article Writing and Marketing. Generally, advocates minimal use of HTML in an article; however, Sometimes it can be to your benefit. Here are some HTML tips to get the results you are looking for:

How to Make a URL/Website Address “Linkable”: * <a href=”“></a> will make “” a clickable link. * Just substitute your website address into the above code and now you know how to “link” up a website address.

How to Create an Anchor Text Link: * <a href=”“> Your Website Address</a> will make “Your Website Address” a clickable link. * Use anchor text links sparingly when submitting an article. Many Ezine publishers have anchor text link limitations.  At, you are only allowed one URL in an article to any one site.  Duplicate URLs in an article body could lead to your article being rejected.

How to Make Something Bold: * This code <b>Make my words bold</b> will make the words between the <b></b> code “bold”. How to Make Something Italic: * This code <i>Make my words italic</i> will make the words between the <i></i> code “italic”. How to Make Something Underlined: * This code <u>Make my words underlined</u> will make the words between the <u></u> code “underlined”.

How to Make a Bullet Point List: * This code: <ul> <li>First bullet</li> <li>Second bullet</li> <li>Third bullet</li> </ul> will create a list with round bullets How to Make a Numbered List: * This code: <ol> <li>First point</li> <li>Second point</li> <li>Third point</li> </ol> will create a list with descending numbers for each point

done ! okay , if you want to start to write article and DRIVE traffic to your blog , is great place to start it . Here I got the link for you , click this banner :

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