How to Market Products Through Social Media

SEO price It has been mentioned that marketing your business products through social media is included in the package price SEO
SEO price

It has been mentioned that marketing your business products through social media is included in the package price


Any questions how? What is the effective way? which in essence is how we market the business products / services that you sell through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

We have the most effective way that maybe for some people this is no longer a secret but for most online business people the method we use is unknown to them. Look at the image below:

After doing several stages, we finally found the data that we can use as marketing targets. Remember! the theory of marketing the product makes "TARGET" occupy the first position. How can we run marketing if we don't know the target. In other words, to whom are you going to offer the product/business/service you are selling?

Traditional ways of marketing products on social media such as: add friends, following other people without knowing what their interests are, are very ineffective, efficient and just a waste of time because they are faster, more precise, more effective when you already know who the right people are to add on. friend on facebook or follow on twitter which can then be made a buyer.

Viral Marketing

Marketing products through social media is the same as selling products by means of viral marketing (word of mouth marketing techniques) therefore we need techniques to build the right public relations, how to be friendly, friendly, smart and of course have to be patient. After that we play with graphic design because marketing products through graphic design is more effective than writing.

SPAM Social Media Marketing

Look at the image below again:

Pay attention to the arrow where the user tries to link by tweeting links from several sites into Twitter. In our opinion, this is a "stupid" act of wasting time, dangerous and does not produce anything at all. Because the function of twitter 80% is not to get backlinks but to get customers through approaches.

Advanced Tricks

In the world of marketing we must instill the words Don't “hate” your competitors. “Hate” in brackets in exclamation mark means “Don't hate your competitors but kill them softly” . “Watch what they did and do what they done”. These two sentences are known as “evil words”, “cunning”, etc., but that's business. As long as we do not pollute or harm competitors in a negative way, you can use all marketing techniques. And if you know how I guarantee 1000% you will be successful.

Dozens maybe even hundreds of your competitors are playing in the world of social media because social media marketing has existed since the Friendster era. Lucky for those who at that time had access to cyberspace and did marketing on social media, but you will be luckier who knows how they work, who the customers are, what they offer and finally why don't you try? not wrong is not it!.

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