How to make life more colorful

 How to Make Life More Colorful - Everyone certainly has hope for a peaceful, happy, and happy life.  And it seems that everything is not as beautiful as expected, because there is no one person in this world who has a perfect life, everyone must have problems.  No matter how much wealth you have, no matter how beautiful/handsome the face you have can guarantee you to be able to live happily, right?.  Then why do some people work so hard to get rich?  and even now many people are doing plastic surgery to get the ideal face.  Yes, it's just for their own satisfaction and it's usually only temporary, like the Noah band song "nothing lasts forever".

 Here are some things that you must pay attention to in order to get a peaceful and happy life without plastic surgery:

 1. Good at being grateful

 always be grateful for what you have is a recipe for happiness, because with gratitude you will always feel fulfilled with what you have.  People out there are too obsessed with looking for more and more, so they forget what they have and are never grateful for what they have, someone who has that kind of character will certainly never get a peaceful life.

 Just imagine, you still have 2 legs, have complete hands, complete eyes, and organs that are still intact, have parents, can still eat every day, are still in school/college/work.  Meanwhile, out there, many people are not able to finish their schooling, there are people who are blind, many orphans who have never seen their parents' faces, some are disabled, and even there are many people who can't even eat for a day because they don't have money.  .  We are more affluent than them, and we must realize it, therefore, from now on, be grateful.

 2. Able to manage time well

 Have you ever heard the motto "time is money"?  Of course you have, that motto is a vision for hard-working people.  But sometimes because they are too busy working, busy with business, busy with career, they forget a lot of things.  Like time for family, rest, and even just a vacation.  Actually, people who are truly successful are people who are able to balance career and family, of course, by being able to manage their time well between family matters and work.

 3. Always share and help others

 sharing will not make you lacking, and will never make you run out of treasure, sharing will make you much liked by others.  Meanwhile, happy to help will make you many friends.  In your life, there will definitely come a time when you will need other people, because humans are social creatures, humans cannot live without other humans.  The first people who will help you when you need something are those you have helped.  Sure enough, life is like a spinning wheel, sometimes there is a time when we are above, and sometimes we are also at the bottom.  Be a human being that is useful to other humans as long as you can breathe, and make that your life goal.

 4. Get closer to God and parents

 Be a person who never forgets yourself.  Don't forget where you came from, and who created you.  Remember that in every step you take there is a prayer from your parents that will never leave you, be devoted to them.  Try to make them proud. Balance your life in this world and the hereafter, multiply worship for the success of your world and for the happiness of your hereafter.  In the world there is one thing that cannot be represented to be done, namely worship. There will be no one who can represent you to worship, this is a personal matter between you and your god.  Therefore, as a good people, never forget God.

 Once again I explain that you don't really need to be rich, beautiful/handsome to have a happy and peaceful life.  because humans have been bestowed with extraordinary wealth since birth, but many humans have dark eyes and are unable to see the wealth they have.

 that's all my writing, hopefully it's useful.. hehe.. tired of writing it :P ..

 thank you for reading

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