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How to Make Delicious and Delicious Toast . hmm, in this fasting month, it feels very good if you can make delicious toast, in this tip how to make easy and simple toast from toast will be presented here, just learning to make bread for those who don't know it's useful, isn't it. how to make this toast is very easy and you just have to practice it with an existing recipe and you can try it right away who knows you can immediately make delicious and delicious toast that arouses the taste buds xixi ..

let's follow the tips on how to make delicious and delicious toast below:

Ingredients Needed Make Toast as follows:

chocolate cheese toast

Chocolate Cheese Toasted Bread


cup of white bread 1 tablespoon of blue band butter

3 tablespoons of chocolate meses

1 sheet

of grated cheese (for sprinkling)

1 tablespoon of chocolate meses (for sprinkling)


Step 1: Spread blue band butter on the surface of the white bread, then sprinkle with chocolate meses, put a sheet of cheese on top and fold it.

Step 2: Second: Bake using a toaster or if you don't have one, you can use a non-stick Teflon pan, back and forth until dry evenly. Lift.

Step 3: Sprinkle with grated cheese, sprinkle with the

last meses : Slice the toasted bread that has been cooked to taste

serve with family while the bread is still warm in the morning, hopefully this simple recipe can be useful for making toast.

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