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How to Install Meta Tags - As we know that in a blog there is a meta tag. Where the meta tag is very instrumental in the "glory" of a blog. There are many meta tags according to the HTML 4.0 standard.

But which are usually used by search engine searches only a few, including the description meta tag, keywords meta tag, robots meta tag. So for that we must understand how to install meta tags on the blog.

Because the "life story" of a blog is very dependent also on the meta tags that we put on a blog or depending on the criteria for the meta tags that we create.

I will try to write down the criteria for how to install the meta tag which is commonly used by bloggers.

Here are the steps:

* Open your blogger account and login.

* Click Design, click Edit HTML. (Cat. We recommend that you backup your data first)

* Click Continue

* Look for posts like this


   you can easily find it by pressing Ctrl + F on your keyboard.

* Put the following script above <title><data:blog.pageTitle/><title/>

<meta name='keywords' content='keyword1, keyword2, keyword3/>

<meta name='description' content='description of your blog/>

<meta name='rating' content='general'/>

<meta name= 'author' content='friend's name'/>

<meta name='robots' content='index, follow'/>

<meta name='languange' content='id'/>

<meta name='' content='id'/>

<meta name='geo.placename' content='id'/>

<meta name='spiders'content='all'/>

<meta name='target' content='global'/ >

<meta name='expires' content='never'/>

 * Click save

    Please replace the red text with your content

 That's how to install a meta tag, hopefully it's useful.

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