10 The Easiest Guide To Get Your Website Accepted By Google Adsense

Quality articles here aim to be articles that are free from copy paste, minimum 300+ in length, equipped with images if possible, and useful
 1. Concentrate With Quality Articles

 Quality articles here aim to be articles that are free from copy paste, minimum 300+ in length, equipped with images if possible, and useful for someone.  Google doesn't really know whether the content of our articles is of quality or useful to someone, which Google clearly judges by how often the article is opened by different visitors within a few moments after the article was published.

 Make at least 20 quality articles and post them on your website.  Then share the article to various social media and social bookmarks such as Twitter, Facebook, Lintasime, or Kaskus.  Some people out there are always hungry for information, so make information-rich articles so that your articles and website will be crowded with visitors.  This side is the most important requirement to be accepted by Google Adsense.

 2. SEO Is Always Important

 Tired of SEO?  Can't be!  SEO is the reason by which you can get organic visitors from crawler engines like Google.  SEO matters a lot for your website to be accepted by GA, to get other make money online programs out there.  SEO is often a parameter to monetize a website, affecting Pagerank and Alexa Rank.  SEO is also important to be accepted by Google Adsense

 3. Use Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics

 These two tools have been prepared by Google for free, why don't we use them?  The two tools above are very useful for website improvement and using targeted keywords.  By using these two tools, Google knows that you are the legal owner of the website you registered with GA.  To further emphasize that you are the owner of the website, make Google Authorsip for your website.  Google Authorship is useful for showing your Google+ profile photo in crawler engines, with links to your articles and photos close together.  By using these two tools, we can also be accepted by Google Adsense more easily

 4. GA Only Accepts GA Publishers with Age 18+

 When I registered my website with GA, I was 19 years old.  After reading the legal provisions of the GA, the age of the publisher / publisher must be at least 18 years, possibly for certain reasons.  It sounds funny but still you have to follow the rules.  If you are not even 18+, it is better to build your website as good as possible so that when you are 18, your website is ready to be registered with good quality.  Here are the funny but important requirements to be accepted by Google Adsense

 5. Apart from the age of the owner, the age of the website must still be a concern

 Several sources explain that GA only wants to accept websites with a minimum age of six months.  My experience in the past, my website was still four months old from January 2013 to be accepted by Google Adsense.  Yes, this is my experience.  However, you should really prepare your website as well as possible before registering with GA.  If you are too pushy to immediately become a GA publisher, you will end up being disappointed.  Because, there have been many bloggers who are too hasty to register their blogs to GA even though their blogs are actually still daily, weekly, or one/2 month old.

 Actually there is nothing wrong if you fill it with quality content, but maybe GA doesn't believe that a website that is still young has been able to produce complete quality content in a large number of visitors with lots of pageviews added.  Anyway, so long as long as it can be accepted by Google Adsense

 6. Website Design

 Keep in mind that in addition to quality content, the appearance of the website also has an influence on visitors.  Just like with GA, an orderly and neat website design is a certain requirement so that our website becomes a GA publisher.  Create a clear navigation menu for your website visitors.  You may not place ads that are too excessive in every corner of your website, you may not install scripts that actually disturb the activities of visitors on your website.  Here's one of the most important factors to be accepted by Google Adsense

 7. Carefully Read GA Terms Before 'Applying'

 Before registering your website as a GA publisher, you should follow each of the provisions made by GA.  There is nothing wrong with reading the terms first and fixing the mistakes on your website if it seems that they still violate these provisions.  Here's the most important side to be accepted by Google Adsense

 8. Make These 4 Pages In Your Website Menu

 When registering your website with GA, within a few days your website will be reviewed before it is actually accepted.  Make these 4 special pages on your website and put them in the menu so that it is easy for anyone who visits your website to read:

 - About: Can be named About Me or About Us if your website is operated by multiple admins.  The point is so that visitors and Google know who you really are and what exactly is the content and direction of this website.

 - Contact Me: This page aims to provide information for your visitors so that they can contact you when they need contributions when they visit your website.  On this website Google will know if you are the owner of this website, just like in Webmaster Tool.

 - Privacy Policy: Privacy This policy is actually not as confusing as you can make with the contribution of this article: Steps to Create a Privacy Policy.

 - Disclaimer: This has the purpose of notifying users if the results of articles on your website are beyond your responsibility to visitors.  This page is generally used by websites that contain information about guides, videos, and websites that contain a lot of content that has original sources such as manga, anime, and others.

 This side is often overlooked but is very effective in order to be accepted by Google Adsense.

 9. Make Sure You Have Many Visitors

 I think 200+ visitors and above is enough.  Website visitors as a staple of blogging.  You write for someone's need for info.  And how is the trick GA ads on your website will get money without website visitors?  Want to cheat by clicking your own ads?  I recommend not to do it because Google will certainly know the manipulation and get ready to be banned!  Visitors are clearly a special factor so that your website can be accepted by Google Adsense

 10. Complete Your Website Development

 Your website is still 1/2 finished or versus Beta?  It's better not to register it in GA first because of course it will be rejected.  Prepare your website with a minimum of 20 quality articles in it, a neat navigation menu, whether it's a group of writings or the 4 pages that I originally wrote in point #8.  At least clean up pornographic articles, articles that violate copyright, or other things that violate GA regulations from your website.  Try so that you have fixed the error URL, it can be cleaned from the Webmaster Tool.  Make sure if your website already has 200+ visitors and above, the more definitely the better.

 One thing again, look at the appearance of your website.  Is it neat and sexy?  Have important developments been completed?  If everything is done, then register your website with Google Adsense.  Good luck and hopefully useful!

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