How to Find Popular Keywords

 For those of you who have been in the blogging world for a long time, of course you know very well what the function of keywords is.  It would be better if we use keywords that are booming or popular at this time, because by using keywords that are more popular then our visitors from search engines will increase, of course, must be accompanied by good content and the implementation of on page seo.  That's why we also need to find out which keywords are popular today.

 Below are some sites that you can use to find keywords that are more popular:


 This place is to find eternal keywords and I highly recommend for those of you who want to find eternal traffic through the google search engine.

 popular keywords by google adwords

 Google Insights.

 This site is to search for seasonal keywords through Google Insight where we will know the keywords that people often type in the last 7 days, last month or last year.

 popular keywords by google insight

 Google News

 This site is for finding topic keywords in the last few days that exploded and were very booming.

 popular keywords by google news

 Popular news on yahoo indonesia

 This is the place for you to find popular keywords via yahoo Indonesia.

 popular keywords yahoo indonesia


 To find popular keywords in Alexa in real time every second update, please visit:

 popular keywords by alexa

 applies to English keywords.

 News Feedjit

 This place is for finding popular keywords that are on feedjit in realtime updates every second.

 popular keywords by feedjit


 To find popular keywords on Twitter that are trending topics on Twitter.  please visit the page:

 popular keywords by twitter.

 May be useful...

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