How to earn money from a blog

And this positive thing requires creativity by writing, sharing ideas and experiences. A blog can provide income is not something impossible. Because

How to Get Money from Blogs ~ A blog can make money, and of course many bloggers have proven it. Initially, I wanted to create a blog just for a hobby or for fun, but over time it could be possible to use it as additional land to earn money from there.

And this positive thing requires creativity by writing, sharing ideas and experiences. A blog can provide income is not something impossible. Because there are many bloggers who have proven this, there are even those who are full time bloggers and their income is not playing games, which can be above U $ 1000 per month, it's amazing isn't it?

How to earn money from blogs?

Well, here are some

how to earn money

from blogs that I know:

1. Adding advertisements on blogs

With the increasing number of our writings on blogs and publications, it can bring in traffic from visitors. Thus our blog can attract the attention of third parties to display ads there and also invite third parties to it.

There are many agencies that are willing to do that. Among them are: Google adsense,,,, etc.

From the number of ads that are seen or clicked by visitors will be calculated based on clicks or the term "cool" is pay per click (PPC). The more who click on the ad the more money that goes to us.

2. We can also follow the blog creativity competition.

More and more blogs are popping up day by day and more and more crowded and there are many online activities that use blogs, one of which is a blog competition. For example, taking part in a blog design competition, or a blog seo competition. There are so many sites that make competitions like that. So for those of you who are creative, you can take part in the competition.

3. Join foreign affiliate banners

  Many foreign agencies provide affiliate programs that you can follow to display banner links on your blog. Where if your blog visitors make purchases through the affiliate link banner then you will get a commission.

4. Join the domestic affiliate program banner

Apart from the foreign affiliate program, there are also many domestic affiliate programs that you can participate in.

5. Selling Text Link Ads

You provide spot text links to sites that want to advertise and at the same time get links back from your blog. The higher your link rating, the more expensive the link price you can offer. Among them are , etc

There are many ways to earn money with a blog and you decide whether blogging can be made as your main profession?

The most important thing is that your creativity should not be broken just because of money. So a few reviews about How to get money from blogs, greetings of success always for you.

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