How to Determine the Right Keywords

What is meant by keywords? how to choose and determine the right and appropriate keywords? and what should you do with keywords? what is the effect of

What is meant by keywords? how to choose and determine the right and appropriate keywords? and what should you do with keywords? what is the effect of keywords on business? This series of sentences is a basic question about keywords. How vital keywords are to business, we must choose the right choice and optimize it. In this SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tutorial I will write the answer as far as I understand it. Please put your comments and suggestions in the right way.

What is meant by keywords? how to choose and determine the right and appropriate keywords?

Keyword = keywords = sentences that people use when they are looking for references about something through Search Engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). Example: if we want to buy or search for product information "shoes" through the internet, according to user habits, we will certainly type:

  • Shoes + brand you are looking for eg “Adidas Shoes”
  • Shoes + brand + desired type eg “Adidas Rubber Shoes”
  • Shoes + brand + type + other variants such as: cheap, original, kw etc. eg "Cheap Adidas Rubber Shoes" etc.
  • However, internet users are divided into two groups, namely: users and sellers/resellers. Based on these two groups, we can determine the marketing target, meaning which group is the target of marketing our business. Examples of the use of these three keywords are usually used by users (shoe users) but if the shoe seller/reseller will add the words: "distributor, agent, supplier + shoes + brand + type + additional data + regional name (optional)"

    On that basis it is very important to determine our marketing targets before deciding to choose keywords. But what is also important is that it is not only product marketing targets that you must know and determine but also know/learn sales operations such as the mechanism for providing product information, purchasing methods, payment methods, shipping methods, etc. because many people do not have sales experience. online so that there are many frauds, frustrating to serve potential buyers and the like. Determine the complete service standard, starting from questions and answers to consumers until the payment and delivery process must have been made.

    Measuring Ability to Win Competition

    Keywords are divided into 3 categories, namely: low, medium and high competition. Each keyword that we will use certainly has its own competition. How to see the complexity of the competition? please use Google Keyword Tools for free by registering first.

    On the Google Keyword Tool page, we can see data related to the business we are going to live, including data from the amount of competition, keyword variations, number of searches including the estimated price/cost of PPC (Pay Perclick) advertising. From this data we can draw conclusions and decide which keywords are the right ones and according to our abilities.

    The higher the amount of competition it will be difficult and full of risks when doing SEO optimization and also the price of PPC advertising will be more expensive. If you use SEO services, of course, the price is the same as if we put PPC ads.

    Indeed, choosing popular keywords will promise more success and high profits but before you achieve that you have to work extra hard, smart, effective and patient and optimizing your own keywords is a very right choice compared to using website optimization services (SEO services) . But how to be successful in SEO? we open an online SEO course that you can take at a very low cost.

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