How to Choose the Right Blogger Domain and Content

 1. The blog name should describe the content of your blog

 This is the main thing.  Try to imagine when you do a search on a search engine for example on Google, after seeing the results, which sites tend to be more interesting for you to visit?  Is it a blog that from its name alone you can guess its contents?

 Which one gives a better picture of the contents in it?  You can determine it yourself.  The name of the blog that fails to give an idea of ​​what the actual content of the blog is, so that even if it appears later in the search results, it may go unnoticed, because the reader is not interested and confused about what the actual content of the blog is.

 In essence, you must determine the name of the blog that reflects the content of the blog (articles/posts).  That way, it will give you more opportunities, you win the competition to get readers.

 2. Easy to remember blog name

 The key to remembering is simple/short.  Make the blog name as short as possible but still be able to show a description of the contents of the blog as I meant in the first point

 A blog name that is too long and difficult to remember will be easier to forget and it will be difficult to build a strong brand.  Try to be creative, try to keep it simple, short and easy to remember so that visitors can remember the name of your blog so that they can visit your blog again.

 3. The blog name is the same as the domain address

 This one, often overlooked by bloggers.  Maybe because it's a bit difficult to find the desired domain name that has not been registered by someone else.  But, if the blog name is not the same as the domain address, then you have missed another opportunity to get a lot of readers.  Especially those who visit your blog through a link, they will remember the name of your blog, not the domain address.

 In fact, a blog name will be easier to remember than a domain address.  So when your readers want to come back to visit and only remember the name of your blog, they will type that name in their browser.  When they don't find it, they will most likely look for another blog.  You certainly still remember the importance of direct traffic to your blog right?

 So, keep your blog name the same as your domain address.  That's great for making sure your blog is ready to take it one step further.

 That's all from me, and if you want to create a blog or website, it would be nice if you first determine a domain name that matches the contents of the blog.

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