How Google Detects Blackhat SEO [Case Study]

Although this article is just an opinion, I think it is good enough for us to discuss it here. Some of the points below you may not know and some you

Although this article is just an opinion, I think it is good enough for us to discuss it here. Some of the points below you may not know and some you may already know but it's not important for us to elaborate further because in essence this article is only sharing and this article only discusses link building (making backlinks) using blackhat techniques.

Link Building BlackHat SEO

The last algorithm update has been explained by Google that the algorithm update is intended to "eliminate" blackhat SEO activities, the question is how does he (Google) know this is blackhat and it's not blackhat?

There are so many blackhat SEO techniques such as: cloacking keywords, cloacking backlinks, doorway pages, hidden text, link farms and so on specifically for link building, some of the ways below I think can be considered/detected using blackhat link building techniques SEO.

Case Study

If you have visited, registered and used the backlink explorer tools found in Majestic SEO, CognitiveSEO, Moz, etc., you can see the link building process that we have created.

MajesticSEO, for example, one of its feature tools is being able to identify "Fresh Backlinks" or newly created backlinks. This tool is also able to record the link building process by date.

Imagine! if MajesticSEO can monitor the development of backlinks, what about Google?

In MajesticSEO we can see on certain dates how much a website gets backlinks. Ideally (according to the principle of natural link building) there should be no more than 10 backlinks per day but what if in a day our website gets 100 or even 1000 backlinks?

Types of Software That Blackhat SEO Can Detect

On average, all SEO software can be identified as blackhat SEO if we are not wise in using it. Google can find SEO software to run the backlink building process from:

  • Foot Print
  • User Agent [bot]
  • IP
  • Backlink Creation Date
  • SenukeXCR, Ultimate Demon, GSA SER and Xrumer can be big names of the many SEO software that I think can be detected by Google Blackhat SEO if we are not good at using it.

    So then what is a powerful way not to know that we are doing blackhat SEO techniques in doing link building? the answer is PATIENCE! because the more we can't wait to quickly move up the rankings by making tens or even thousands of backlinks in a day the results will definitely only be for a moment you can enjoy being in the top position, the rest you will feel deep regret for having to start everything from scratch again!

    It's easy to create backlinks as easy as we cook instant noodles, the hard thing is to be patient!

    Because of that, a good and complete management is needed that contains data on the progress of making backlinks. Note when you make tier 1 and if possible complete with anchor text, platform, Class C IP and determine the most appropriate time to make tier 2, 3, 4 and so on. Remember! do not use the same domain or class C IP for each tier you create (recycle backlinks) if you do not want to be penalized by link farms.

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