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What is Black Hat SEO? Plakatsu is a technique to improve the ranking of a site in search results by violating the rules made by search engines such a
7 Black Hat SEO Techniques You Must Avoid~Before the emergence of the algorithm in Google search with the name panda, many SEO activists did practices to manipulate Google search results. 
These techniques are often known as Black Hat SEO.


What is Black Hat SEO?

Plakatsu is a technique to improve the ranking of a site in search results by violating the rules made by search engines such as Google.

They do this by creating content that is intended to manipulate search engines instead of providing quality content to users.

Reasons to do Black Hat SEO
They take this way will get agency results in order to improve the ranking of their site proved to be quite effective in the era before Google released the panda algorithm in 2011 which became the forerunner of healthy SEO.

If in the current era doing Black Hat SEO techniques, it will actually damage the site's ranking instead of getting a good position.

What are the Black Hat SEO techniques?
The practice of Black hatsu is very dangerous for the existence of a site or blog, so it is important for student practitioners to know what are the Black Hat SEO techniques so as not to fall into it, here are some popular Black Hat SEO techniques.

1. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a practice where someone writes irrelevant keywords either by repeating the target many times or by inserting certain keywords in content that is not relevant at all.

Examples of keyword stuffing:
1.creating a page that contains a list of phone numbers without any clear purpose or information.
2.create pages, list cities and provinces or certain addresses without useful information for users.
3. Repeating keywords in an example sentence:
Anyone who knows how to make good bread must learn the techniques to make good bread when baked bread becomes delicious.

2. Hidden Text and Links

A technique that is often used by black hat workers is to place hidden text or lines containing target keywords.
By making white text on a white background, the bag is finally illegible or by setting a transparent color or also by setting the font size to 0, this shows deceiving search engines that our page contains the keywords we want even though the keywords are irrelevant to the content.

This technique was quite successful a few years ago but if we apply it in the current era, our site could be kicked by Google for violating quality guidelines.

3. Content Scrapping

Content scrapping is the activity of stealing content automatically using bots or usually called AGC. Some shio violators do this technique to extend their content sites without any effort. They think that the more content the people search will be better without caring about the quality and uniqueness of the content even though stealing content actually makes their sites not appear at all and even blacklisted or blacklisted search results.

Examples of content scrapping behavior include:

1. Copying content from other sites raw without any modification
2. Copying and republishing content from other sites with minor changes without adding unique value to users.
3. Sites that load videos and images from other sites without adding value to the user.
4. Sites that republish feeds from other sites without providing useful content organization to users 4.

4. Comment Spam

Comment PAM is the practice of spreading tackling by writing spam comments to other sites this way can bring traffic and also get backlinks without having to bother optimizing SEO.

For example: the content is quite interesting, don't forget to visit my blog.

Of course, this method cannot improve SEO quality in the eyes of search engines.

5. Private Blog Network (PBN)

This method is a technique where a block breeder then pulls links between one blog and another. 

This is done so that each block they manage gets a lot of backlight so that it can boost good search results.

Packing manipulation techniques like this are blackheadsio techniques that can actually damage search rankings instead of improving them.

6. Buying Backlinks

Many beginner seo activists are trapped and consumed by the lure of backlinking, thinking that buying baking is claimed to improve the quality of their website, even though this technique is a violation of Google's webmaster guidelines and can have a negative impact on site performance in search results.

7. Cloacking

This method is practiced to deceive search engines where someone has two different versions of a web page.

If locked by the search engine plate, the content contains A while if displayed to the user the content is B

This technique is a violation of the web poster guidelines because it commits fraud by providing content that the user does not want.

The reason why we avoid black hat SEO practices.

Of the seven techniques, all of them must be avoided not to be done

1. The first is that all of these techniques violate the webmaster assistance made by the Google search engine and search engines have sophisticated algorithms to detect these practices.

2. Secondly, these techniques may have been successful in their time but because search engines are constantly updating their algorithms, these techniques are no longer relevant and even have a negative effect on search rankings.

3. The third technique generally gives a bad experience to the user, a site owner or block should think more about the user, a site that makes users cringe will not get traffic because they are not willing to return to the site.

4. Search engines want the best results for users they continue to improve search algorithms in order to increase the relevance between what is realized and what appears.

5. Finally, at a severe level of violation, a site will be blacklisted by search engines and will never appear again except after making a manual submission or appeal.


the back head show technique is a technique of manipulating deceiving search engines in order to improve search rankings.
This technique is quite risky because it can reduce our site's search rankings even in severe cases our site can be blacklisted from search engines.

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