Finally I win the first page on Google search ranking – optimize your keyword

Being top on your own keyword - it is fun

Few days ago I have shared this blog august report .  This blog get at least 800 unique visitors / day , honestly I was shocked to find that my traffic has increase very well and finally I know what the real reason of that is. I win the first page on Google search ranking with my main keyword and I believe that this is just a new beginning for my blog.

Win the first page on Google and how you can too

Before saying too much , you can see my blog search rank on Google using ” make money program ” .  ” Making money program ” , ” money program ” ”

I used to have Second spot on “make money program ” as keyword - beat 188.000.000 other site

I used to have Second spot on “making money program “as keyword - beat 178.000.000 other site

I used to have Second spot on “money program “as keyword - beat 304.000.000 other site

I also rank on first page with “make money tips” keyword and beat 171.000.000 other page

This is what I did to win the “Google heart “

The truth is I have done so much “SEO things” for this result. I am thinking to create an eBook and give it as a prize for my reader . But you know , it will take lot of time to write a good eBook. The basic things I did to get on Google first page are:

  • I post only a human writing content, this mean I didn’t using any software or rewriter script to write or generate a post. I believe Google will love original post and give more plus point for blogger that work hard for their blog.
  • Trend is not the best topic, if you are thinking about trend topic then you will fight with millions of other bloggers with the same idea. The key is focus on your keyword . Don’t tempt with other blog that post trend topic for getting traffic.
  • Link building will work if you keep on it . I am  100% not agree with people that said  leave comment at “no follow” blog is useless , trust me.. It doesn’t matter between ” no follow ” or ” do follow ” , just leave a comment and you will get what you need .
  • Blog better and get better result , if you want to focus on blogging then do it for real . It take lot of things to blog better , it takes time , need idea and hard work.  Just like the real world , when you do your best , you will get the best.
  • SEO is a never end topic to talk about, there are millions of blogger in this world and all have their own tips. This is my tips , hope can help you rank better but the most important is blog better.

    please note that google search result/rank is change everyday and the result i am showing today was result i found yesterday.. it may change today or tomorrow .

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