Blogging tips | Get More happier visitor by speed up your blog

Blogging tips | More speed means More happy visitor

Every single people in this world hate to wait, include me and you, at any situation, not only in real world but in internet too. This is fact, okay.

Every blog/site need time to read data on server and then load them, this is call loading time. So what I’m trying to tell you in this post is about loading time and the relation between quality of your blog and loading time.

My blog has different loading time with yours and others and off course fastest is the best. Question here is do you ever count your blog loading time? If yes, then how many seconds your blog need to finish their load (if you never count then this is the best time to start it). Tell me how many seconds your blog need to finish their job, 5, 10, 20 or more than 30 seconds.

If your blog finish to load in 15 – 20 second ( fastest is the best ) then you will have more chance to impress your new visitor .because, actually we only have not more than 20 seconds to impress our new visitor before they get bored and start thinking to type new site/blog address on address bar.

Make speed up my blogger loading time:

Okay, let say you have a slow loading time, and then you need to do trick bellow to add more speed for your blog:

1. If you remember at my review about “ How to make your blog more powerful than now ” part three, I have tell you to not have too many image on your home page , especially high quality picture and flash image.

2. You need to re-check your blog plugin and widget to see whether you don’t need them. Remove unused plugin and widget will add more speed to your blog.

3. Script is evil, by having too much script on your blog will dramatically slow down your blog. Remove unused script for more speed.

4. Unused file on your server/hosting will make your blog heavy to load, fresh up your server by deleted garbage at the server.

5. Decrease the number of your post that shows on home page. Lower than 10 are good. By having More than 10 posts on your homepage not only make you blog slow to load but your blog will look not proportional.

6. Use wordpress plugin: WP cache to clear the cache on your blog and this means more speed

Do this and see the result

I ‘m telling the truth, speed is very important for every blog and blogger to make their new (or even old one) love their blog.try my tips above and see re-count your blog loading time again. If faster than before this means you have success to speed up your blog and you have increased your chance to have happier visitor too.

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