How to Overcome a Loosely Buyer Website, Even though There are Many Visitors

“Help!!” Thus the incoming email asking how "How to Overcome a Website That Is Lonely Buyers" Even though there are a lot of visitors?. Is this happen
“Help!!” Thus the incoming email asking how "How to Overcome a Website That Is Lonely Buyers" Even though there are a lot of visitors?. Is this happening on your website too? what is the solution? good! in this simple article I want to answer these questions as far as I know and hopefully this answer is useful for all.

There are at least two criteria that cause the "disease" of the website to be empty of buyers (unsold merchandise). The causes are usually:

The position of the website is not good
The condition of the website is not good
Poor Website Position Causes Your Website Is Lacking Buyers
It is certain that the position of the website that is not good will have an impact on income. How is it possible to get income if there is no traffic. The best solution to overcome this problem is of course by asking for the help of SEO services or online marketing consultant services. Maybe for some people in Indonesia an online marketing consultant is still a thing of prestige. There will be a feeling of reluctance to use the services of an internet marketing consultant for fear of being expensive even though it is not like that. There is no need to discuss this quiet buyer at length if the problem is the position of the website.

Poor Website Conditions Can Make the Website Lonely Buyers

If the website is already in a good ranking / position but is still empty of buyers, there is a possibility that it is caused by the condition of your website. Regarding the condition of this website, I divided it into 2 parts, such as:

Bad appearance/website design
The size of the website is too big or the web server is slow so it takes a long time to load too
Bad Appearance / Website Design

Buyers will judge how your website looks before deciding to buy. Remember! buying and selling on the internet today is mostly still using the trust system. The buyer cannot see the seller and vice versa so that many fraudulent modes are still common.


Improve the appearance of your website, activate/add a phone number, give access to online chat using yahoo messenger or anything else you can think of
Make it as easy as possible (user friendly and search engine friendly, read my article about the RDFa Function)
Loading Too Long

You can find out how big your web page is through please visit to find out. However, in this article, I will explain some of the things that can make a website slow, including:

Too many image/photo files that are large or in the form of animation or resized using a website editor
Many or there are files in the form of media such as flash, audio, video
Poor webserver performance

Reduce the image file and use the Photoshop "save as web page" feature then pay attention to the image size you want to use. When using photoshop make sure that each type of png or jpg image file has a different size even with the same result / resolution and do not resize / resize the image directly through the editor in the CMS
Flash, .gif, mp3 etc. should be reduced or not need to be published
If you have run the two things above but are still "LOLA" aka long loading while the internet speed you are using is quite likely there is a problem with the web server. TIPS! when buying web hosting don't be influenced by IIX or USA servers because sometimes IIX servers are more "LOLA" than USA because everything goes back to the specifications of the web server that is used (I never use IIX servers for important websites because they often disappoint and have problems I will discuss this in another article which I will title "Web hosting SEO".

Currently, many users are browsing using smartphones such as Android, Iphone or Blackberry. In order for the website to increase its visitors, it is highly recommended to create a responsive website, meaning a website that is compatible/according to the browser used on the smartphone or you can create a mobile version of the website using a sub domain. For the second thing (creating a mobile version of the website using a subdomain) there are some rules that you must pay attention to if you don't want to be penalized by Google.

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