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Healthy living is a dream for everyone, there are various ways that everyone does to get a healthy life. Everyone who already understands the meaning

Healthy living is a dream for everyone, there are various ways that everyone does to get a healthy life. Everyone who already understands the meaning of health says that health is expensive. Therefore, everyone is obliged and worthy to maintain their health by implementing a good and correct lifestyle.

But what happens if you have a congenital disease from birth, of course you must feel and try to find various ways to cure or eliminate the disease. But if the disease is one of the diseases that cannot be cured or difficult to cure and is a strange disease that is very difficult to cure.

For the case above, you should know these 10 strangest diseases as your knowledge about strange diseases that are very difficult to cure and can be used as literature that you can use to find out whether this disease is in one of your friends, family, other people or yourself.

Below are ten of the strangest diseases that are classified as difficult to cure diseases:

  • Trichotillomania

    This disease is somewhat strange to understand. People who have this disease have an urge to pull hair out, including body hair, head hair, beard, eyelashes, nose hair or eyebrows. This condition is likely due to abnormalities in serotonin and dopamine.

  • Cotard syndrome

    Patients with this disease will feel that he is dead and does not exist in the world anymore. In addition, he also felt that he had lost blood or internal organs as well as rotting body parts. This condition may develop as a result of mental illness or be associated with depression.

  • Kleptomania

    Patients with this disease will always steal any object even though it is not of value. In some cases the sufferer does not realize that this is a form of theft. At the time of stealing, the sufferer feels happy or has its own satisfaction. A growing body of evidence suggests that serotonin abnormalities in the brain can cause this disease.

  • Stendhal syndrome

    This condition is quite strange because someone who has this disease will suffer if exposed to beautiful works of art in large quantities. In a short time the person will experience dizziness, fast heart beat, confusion and hallucinations.

  • Exploding Head Syndrome

    The sufferer feels a loud sound that seems to come from inside his own head like an explosion. Usually occurs after the person has slept for 2 hours, but not because of a dream. Patients will feel fear and anxiety accompanied by an increase in heart rate.

  • Pica

    This disease causes sufferers to have an urge to eat strange foods in addition to food in general, such as paper, glue, clay, dirt, bricks or thread. Some studies suspect this is due to a mineral deficiency, but the exact cause is unknown.

  • Genital Retraction Syndrome

    This syndrome causes a person to become panicky, restless and confused about his body parts. For men have the thought that their penis will continue to shrink and disappear into the stomach. Meanwhile, women feel that their breasts will shrink and enter into their bodies.

  • Insensitivity to pain from birth

    People who have this condition become insensitive to pain or pain, they will not feel pain if they experience an injury or bleeding wound, for example when a pin is pricked in the skin. The cause is a gene mutation that occurs in the synthesis of sodium in certain streams involved in the pain stimulus

  • Moebius syndrome

    This disease is characterized by a lack of nerves in the face to eliminate facial expressions. People with this syndrome will often be seen sleeping with their eyes open, unable to smile, frowning, controlling eye blinking and impaired speech and swallowing.

  • Ondine’s Curse

    It is estimated that there are 200-300 people worldwide who have this disease. People who suffer from Odine's Curse have a very difficult time taking in oxygen which can make them look tired and tired often. If this happens during sleep and not medical help, it can cause death.

  • Those are the ten strangest and unique diseases that exist in this life, hopefully it can add to your insight and be useful for you.

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